Plan to Eat Fabulous Foods


  I LOVE food! I refuse to live on tasteless sustenance and act as if the deprivation is some kind of penance for the extra pounds. Getting healthy can be enjoyable. Healthy foods can be delicious and nothing has to be completely off-limits. All things in moderation.

     Today I will plan meals for the entire next week. I am excited about picking yummy things to include at each meal. The key is to eat proper sized portions of foods that can be enjoyed by my entire family.

     How do you plan meals for healthy living and weight loss? Several years ago I joined an online site called Here you will find some fantastic tools to get you off to a great start on your journey. When you join make sure and share the information needed to track nutrition, fitness, and weight. After doing so it will give you the information you need to get started.

     I am a calorie counter with a desire to keep my cholesterol low and my protein intake high. helps me do that.  Based on my goal to lose 40 lbs this year it tells me that I need to eat a diet ranging between approximately 1300 and 1600 calories a day. It then gives me the option of using a well-balanced menu plan the computer creates based on my nutritional goal or allowing me to create my own using the same guidelines. I like to make my own because I know which foods my family enjoys and have a firm understanding of calories in many of those foods. The nutrition tracker can be successful either way you choose to use it.

     A great morning start for the Johnson household is often low-fat yogurt, cereal or granola, and blueberries. On other mornings it might be a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and strawberries.  Lunch is usually a delicious bowl of soup, half a sandwich, and fruit. We like variety. One day it may be a bowl of chicken noodle and a half a peanut butter sandwich with a banana, the next it might be clam chowder with half a cheese sandwich and an apple, and a third maybe veggie soup with a lean turkey sandwich and diced peaches. For dinner we usually eat a serving of lean meat and a couple of veggies followed by fruit for dessert. One day it might be grilled fish, broccoli with low-fat cheese sauce, pineapple carrots and pears. The next grilled chicken with green bean almondine, cinnamon ginger corn, and apple sauce. We believe in snacks. Eating frequently is important for hunger control. A cheese stick, a 1/4 cup of nuts, or wheat crackers with cheese can be very filling. Play with the menu creation tool. It’s easy to access thousand of foods and compare calorie, fat, protein, and cholesterol content.  Have fun playing with menu planning to create meals you can get excited about.

     Take a few minutes to visit Check out the tools they have to offer. Then start planning what fantastic foods you will eat this week.

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  1. adventuresofdeb
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 05:34:23

    Hi, I’m on SparkPeople too! I am enjoying your blog. As a fellow dieter, I love reading about what people are doing to get to their goals.

    Keep it up!


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