Move Me!


 Are you moving yet? It’s time to get up and go! So far we have concentrated primarily on diet but for most of us diet alone is not enough to help us reach all of our health goals in the desired time frame. 

     What moves you? Take a few minutes and think it through. Pull out your Inspiration Journal and make a list. Maybe you love to swim, enjoy biking, or like to get out in the yard and play with the kids. Do you love to meet new people? Then maybe taking fitness classes where you can find new friends will be the right fit for you.

     Does the music move you? Do you naturally sway as the beats begin? Then maybe Zumba is for you. I am completely uncoordinated and slightly tone def but I love the energy and excitement of this Latin dance craze.  You don’t have to be “good” at an activity for it to be good for you and fun, too. My teenage daughter and I share this passion, so in addition to the health benefits we get great girlfriend time. You can Zumba at home if your schedule demands it and have great results but I highly recommend finding a local class to attend if you have that option. The synergy from being with other people who are excited about what they are doing is a fantastic motivator. In addition, attending a class helps you stay focused. You have a place to be and a time to be there. If you live in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area, as I do, check out Zumba Fitness With Angel at Adventure World Skating and Family Fun Center. The instructor is fantastic!  The atmosphere is high energy with party lights and great music! If you’ve never tried Zumba, you should. It’s so much fun that I forget it’s fitness.

Me with my "Angel of Zumba", fitness instructor Angel Chadwell.

     Speaking of Adventure World Skating and Family Fun Center, skating is a great fitness activity that the whole family can get excited about. This has been a favorite hobby for my husband and children since the kids were quite small.  If one of your challenges is finding ways to keep the kids occupied while you work out, then skating might just be for you. Casual skating, speed skating, or jam skating – there is something for every fitness level and style. Try strapping on a pair of skates and rolling those unwanted pounds away.

     You could be like my Sister-In-Law and be inspired by helping others. Her desire to raise money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital inspired her to train for a 5k. She now runs 5 miles on a regular basis. Many organizations have annual 5k walk/run events. Maybe you aren’t a runner or a speed walker but there are folks of all fitness levels involved. In fact, my sister in-law  sprained her ankle right before her first event and my hubby ended up pushing her in a wheel chair. Next year several family members are planning to join us for this walk.  A good cause is a great way to get people moving.

1st annual Roanoke St. Jude's Give Thanks Walk with sister-in-law April and husband Tony.

      Do you have a love of the great outdoors. Try hiking or biking or maybe even rock climbing.  God’s world is full of wonders. You will be amazed by how much joy comes along with the sweat as you make your way up a mountain or along a trail.

Atop "Bald Knob" with my daughter Katie.

    A healthy spirit of competition may drive you. Do you miss the “thrill of the win” that you experienced in younger days. Maybe you were a high school or college athlete or the grade school dodge ball champ.  If so try joining a local rec league, entering a race, or challenging a neighbor to a good game.

My bestie Vicki after her first 10 miler! That inspires me!

     Now begin to make plans. What activities will you pursue?  How often and with who? Will you count minutes or miles? Pick some things you want to do regularly and others that will make great vacations or adventures. Make moving a part of everyday life. Get excited and get going!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Norma Hall
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 08:27:59

    We are of the older generation and don’t do many of the vigorous activities but we do enjoy doing arobics to 50’s music in our home – it’s a great time together!


    • slimdownwithsandee
      Jan 04, 2012 @ 09:05:16

      That sounds like lots of fun and anytime you are moving you are burning those calories! So proud of you for having something active and fun that you make a point of enjoying together. Love and Blessings! Can’t wait to see what other fun things you guys get involved in as we progress through 2012! Mwah!


  2. Angel Chadwell
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 09:52:39

    Such a great article, Sandee, and thanks so much for mentioning me! Of course, you know how much I enjoy Zumba! The main thing is to find something that you ENJOY so that you look forward to doing it. If you don’t enjoy it, you will find it a chore to do and will find any excuse to NOT do it eventually…If you find something you like, enjoy or even LOVE to do, then it’s no longer a chore and you find yourself looking forward to your activity with anticipation. That’s what Zumba has become with me. I LOVE to dance (always have!) so this is a natural progression for me. Mix in some fitness and BOOM, I have my magic formula! 🙂 Add in the fun music, the fabulous people that I meet, the party type atmosphere and then every workout becomes a party, so not only is it a workout, but it’s a social event where I get to meet my friends, sweat, laugh and have fun and get fit all at the same time. Now THAT is something to look forward to! 🙂 So whatever your “thing” is, make it fun, put a smile on your face and make it happen in 2012! Set a goal and aim for the stars!


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