Fantasy Fitness Wardrobe

     Picking the right hairdo, finding the perfect outfit, adding the accessories that make the look, it’s all part of the excitement of preparing for special events. I remember well the flurry of activity and the giddiness that my girlfriends and I shared as we prepared for the prom and helped each other get ready for first dates. Let’s get that kind of excitement going about preparing for those special “fitness dates” in our future. 

     It’s time to pull out your “Inspiration Journal”. Start thinking about what activities you have chosen as part of your healthy new lifestyle. If you need to review the original goals you set on the first day of journaling and the activities that you have decided “move you” then take a few minutes to do so. Now ask yourself the question “What do I need in order to get moving with gusto and confidence?”

     This answer will be different for each activity and individual. Try to imagine yourself dressed and ready to go for each fitness experience. Visualize the “new you” well prepared and excited to sweat. What is she getting ready to do? What is she wearing? Take it down to the details. 

My fantasy Zumba wardrobe. I already own several of these items. Now I have a wish list for a few more!

     Now I want you to make a list of the clothing and equipment for each “fitness date” in your future. Take into account both the fun and the functional.  Feel free to use websites, magazines, or catalogues to get ideas. If you want to make this little activity more fun start to collect the pics that appeal to you. Make this a sort of wish list that will inspire you.

     Don’t have cash? Don’t worry. Activities such as running or walking require very little gear. Some pieces, like the right shoes, may be “must haves”. Those items should be immediately added to a shopping list. Don’t put off having the right basics. There are places online where even great shoes and gear can be purchased inexpensively (ebay) or on payments (  

     Others items on the “wish list” should be pure joy, fun little extras to keep you motivated. A couple of my favorites are inexpensive Zumba accessories I purchased from Angel Zumba Fitness– the bracelets with bells and the belly scarves with jingly coins .

My written list of gear for running.

       In addition to my written list of equipment/clothing for each activity I have made collages of the pictures I collected.  I am very visual and enjoy using the creative process in goal setting/dream building.  The collages I will revisit occasionally as a reminder of the wardrobe I desire to build over time. The written list I will review each week as a reminder of the things I need to make sure are on hand so that I am ready to get active at any minute.  

     Now it’s your turn to tap into your “fitness diva “ and let her lead the way!


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