Get Your Rear in GEAR!

     Yes, I do want you to get up and get going but the “gear” I’m referring to here is the clothing and equipment needed to be successful in your fitness goals. It’s the little things that will throw you off track if you aren’t careful. Getting up in the morning and having to hunt for your equipment wastes precious time and energy. I don’t have that to waste. Do you? 

     No more “I haven’t a thing to wear” for me!  Missing a class or visit to the gym because my workout clothes are in the laundry or being late because I misplaced my shoes is a poor excuse, and we did declare 2012 a  “No Excuse New Year“, didn’t we?

Top from Angel Zumb Fitness. Pants were a gift from my sweet sister-in-law. The jacket and sports bra were both bought from Goodwill, brand new with origional store tags..

     I’ve decided that every week Saturday will be my day to get my gear in order. This is the day of the week I will gather the workout wear, launder what isn’t already clean, and put together all of the outfits and equipment for the following week.

     I am planning each outfit down to the smallest detail so that I am completely prepared. Each clothes hanger in my “fitness closet” will have grouped together a pair of  fitness pants, a lightweight jacket, a comfy top, socks, a supportive sports bra, ride-up free undies and a ponytail holder. This combination works well for walking/running and zumba, which are my most frequent activities.

    Next, I will do an equipment check. I keep a bag packed for each of the activities I love so my equipment is always together and I can run out and take advantage of opportunities whenever they arise.  Is everything there that should be. Does something need to be cleaned or replaced? It’s important to double-check from time to time.

The Zumba bag.

     I have one bag for Zumba class with my toning sticks, belly scarves, bracelets, a sweat towel, extra ponytail holders, and an empty water bottle that can be filled anywhere, anytime.

     I have another bag for swimming that has my bathing suit, wrap, towel, flip-flops, sunscreen, and a little change (since my swim suit doesn’t allow me to carry money).

The swim bag.

     Speed Walking is the activity I do most consistently but this time of year I do that on a treadmill in my home. Aside from the clothes I’m wearing, making sure the treadmill is in order and having my video or music ready to keep me occupied is all that is required here. My treadmill needs lubricant, which my husband applied today.

     As spring approaches I will do more of my walking/running outdoors. In the bag for that I will keep my pedometer (a freebie from Nature Made Rewards), whistle, water bottle, and sunscreen. I don’t own an ipod but that is on my wish list and if that comes my way it will live in there, too.

     My husband and daughter keep a skate bag. I’m not a skater but I know a few things they make sure they have –  their skates, wrench, extra wheels and bearings, loose change and a towel. Tony also makes sure he has his hat. Wearing it makes him look cool and keeps the sweat out of his eyes.

     For at home workouts we keep an area of open space in the entertainment room. There weights, Pilates mat, and workout videos are readily available. Should the urge strike to do an extra session or start something new everything is within arms reach of the tv.

This entire outfit was a goodwill find. Sports bra built in.

     Now I want you to visit the list or lists from yesterday’s Fantasy Fitness Wardrobe Exercise. What did you decide is needed  for the activities you have scheduled for the coming week. What do you have already on hand? Begin to gather those together. Put together outfits and bags. Don’t have a bag? use a plastic bag or wrap your items in your towel until you get one.

     What do you need to purchase? Did you make a shopping list? Schedule some “me time” today and pick up the additional necessities. Take your time browsing and enjoying being out and about. You might find yourself inspired. Consider adding one or two of the fun little things from the “wish list”, too.

     If you need equipment but are on a budget try visiting a used sporting goods store such as Play It Again Sports  or changing your Facebook status to a request for help. If  you let friends know what you need someone may be willing to loan you the desired item or sell it to you inexpensively. 

     Is it clothing you are looking for? If you are a fitness diva there are lots of great styles and types of clothing to choose from for each activity. Websites like Body by Brazil or Katrina Active Wear have fun and unique fashions.  If you like to keep it simple a tee-shirt and shorts or sweat pants work well for most fitness plans. Make sure you have a good fit and proper support where you need it. Some of the items I own are fun fitness wear that I saved up to purchase. Other items are Thrift Shop or Yard Sale finds. You would be amazed how easy it is to amass fitness gear at pennies on the dollar. Lots of people buy great items with the best of intentions and use them only once or twice. I would estimate that at least 1/2 of my workout wardrobe has been purchased this way.

The outfit on the far right is a favorite. It was one of the first workout set I got after the initial weight loss. My hubby bought it. He didn't want me to feel "frumpy" in old sweats.

     Proper shoes are very important. I’ve tried to make do with less and paid for it in blisters, bruises, sprains, and pain.  There is much to take into consideration in choosing the right pair. They need to be the right size and width for your foot and the correct arch height  and pronation needs to be taken into account. Different styles of shoes work well for different types of activity. If that seems confusing,  find professional help in choosing the right shoe for you. Runabout Sports has a fantastic staff that will ask you questions, watch you walk, look at how your current shoes have worn and will use that information to help you find the right shoe for you. If you have to shop online some shoe manufacturers such as Saucony have online tools for finding your proper fit.  Having shoes that are comfortable will be more than worth the time and energy invested. If you aren’t comfortable you won’t be motivated to move.

     Time spent today preparing for the week ahead will go a long way toward the success of the plan. I am more confident when I know that there is order. I look forward to waking to comfy clothes, ready to jump into. This will help get my day and my workout off to a great start. I hope these tips will encourage you to get YOUR rear in gear!

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