The REAL Food Fight!


     Who is the enemy in this war? Hunger and excessive calories!  Watch out! They have their sneaky battle plans. The ever famous snack attack and the ol’  hunger-craving one-two punch are hard to defend against! The secret weapon? The unexpected. You “snack” back!

     Who likes hunger? Not me! I like to be comfy and satisfied! Hunger makes me cranky and weak. It makes it hard to plan and to workout.

      How do I keep from being hungry? I eat!

Pepper Jack Cheese and ice-cold grapes are one of my favorite snacks. The combined tastes and sensations are incredible.

     I have found that eating frequently throughout the early part of the day is important. If I get too hungry it’s harder for me to say no when temptation  comes along .

     Eating small meals (or snacks) frequently helps keep energy up and hunger at bay. It also increases metabolism. It’s a win-win. I don’t get hungry and my body burns more calories.

Apples with peanut butter - one of my mom's favorite snacks.

     My current eating style allows me to eat about every 2 hours up until I finish dinner. After dinner I usually refrain from eating but enjoy warm caffeine-free drinks. These feel like a treat and some, such as chamomile tea, are calorie free and even help me sleep.

     When I plan my menu, I build it around the idea of three meals and multiple snacks. I’m not a member of the “clean your plate club”.  If I’m satisfied by part of a meal, I save the rest for a snack later or for another day. Too little to save? I throw it away. It is not a sin to leave food on your plate. As I mentioned before, eating food your body does not need (thus adding pounds) is more wasteful than throwing it away. When you throw it away it is gone. When you eat it anyway you now have to work to get rid of it. Trust me… just chuck it.

     Pre-planning is important. If you’re hungry and don’t have a plan you are more likely to make a poor choice. In addition to the snacks listed on the menu for the day I keep a basket of low-calorie snacks on my dining room table. This IS part of the plan. That way if I’m in a hurry and decide I really want something different, or need snacks that are quick and portable I can pick anything in the bowl and know it won’t set me back in a big way. Keeping portable snack that are around 100 calories appetite in check.

Johnson Family Snack Basket

     Consider making your own snack basket and keeping non perishable snacks in your car, purse, pocket, desk drawer, or locker – wherever you are or are likely to be when it’s time for hunger to hit. This will likely save you money as well as calories. Now you won’t have to buy from a vending machine or a fast food drive thru to stop the pangs.

Tony and I both enjoy these at a great little 65 calories. I often have them with a cheese stick when I have extra calories.

     Choose snacks that are filling and fulfilling. Only snack on foods you enjoy. If you think rice cakes taste like styrofoam or try to make a meal on lettuce alone you won’t want to keep doing that for long. I try to pick snacks with protein much of the time. Protein stays with you for a while and you won’t be hungry again as quickly. I like to snack on yogurt, nuts, or fruit and cheese.

   Now that you’re armed with information, go stock the snack arsenal. Remember, the war is won, one battle at a time.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicki
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 06:22:15

    Great post. Thanks for sharing your ideas. After dinner snacking is the hardest time for me. I like your snack basket idea!!


  2. Norma Hall
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 07:43:00

    Great tips! Thanks for the help.


  3. slimdownwithsandee
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 09:25:45

    I’m glad the information is helpful! The snack basket has been a real lifesaver in our home, for sure. This way finding something small and portable to fill in the gaps, while staying on track, is easy. I use to snack in the evening a lot, but do that less these days. I have a LARGE cup of camomile tea while watching a movie or reading and feel like I’ve had a treat. But I’m still a big fan of snacks in general. 🙂


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