How Do I Find The Calorie Count For My Own Recipe?

     SparkRecipes: Free Recipes From

     Over the weekend Tony and I were blessed with the opportunity to entertain. As such, I did a lot of “home cooking”. In order to stay on track with my eating plan for my goal weight loss, I really wanted to keep up with my calorie intake. This can be much more complicated when the meals are made from multiple ingredients, many of which might not have calorie counts clearly labeled. Back in the 80’s when I began counting calories, this was a very time-consuming, inaccurate, and frustrating process. Now, no biggie.

     Using SparkRecipes Calorie Calculator, all I have to do is type my recipe’s ingredients and the amount’s I use of each item and the computer does the work for me. Go check it out, play with your own recipes and see how many calories you are consuming when you enjoy your faves. While you’re there check out my Apple Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe. This is a one dish meal that is yummy and satisfying. Easy Broccoli Quiche is another fave in our household. I’ve even calculated calories for my Dad’s Famous German Chocolate Cake. The cake is NOT a “diet friendly food”, but when I do indulge, I want to know how much it sets me back. Maybe just half a piece? Now I know how much I can eat and keep with the plan. All things in moderation helps us avoid frustration. Happy Cooking!


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