Create Your Cravings


     Have you ever noticed how much your “cravings” are affected by what you see? I can be sitting on my own couch, minding my own business, watching some innocent little tv program when all of a sudden BAM! There it is, a commercial for a Whopper with Cheese or an Oreo Blizzard! Suddenly, I feel THE NEED. You know what I’m talking about.

     Maybe you are at your desk working away when a coworker whispers “There’s leftover birthday cake in the break room” or walks by with a donut. The cravings commence.

     After recognizing this tendency in myself I began to think,”If seeing a yummy food can create a powerful desire to eat it, then why not use that to my advantage?”

The latest collage, created last night while watching tv. Yummy! Makes me want fruit and berries.

     Several years ago I created a “Cravings Collage” to keep in my kitchen. This piece of art was a collection of pictures featuring folks enjoying yummy, healthy foods.  When I would enter the kitchen looking for a snack I would often notice a picture of a lovely lady totally taken with some luscious strawberries. Yummy! Now I wanted strawberries. Sometimes it was the girl picnicking on Wheat Thins that would lead me into temptation –  the good kind.  For 140 calories I could enjoy an entire serving of these yummy little crackers. Add another 90 for a cheese stick and I’d be satisfied for several hours. There were lots of snack options pictured, and there would always be something yummy for me to choose from and feel good about.

    Now, it’s your turn.  Wheat thins and strawberries may not be your faves. Thats ok. Maybe you love peaches and cottage cheese, or apples and peanutbutter. If you spend a little time browsing the ad for your local supermarket or a common ladies magazine, it won’t be long before you find at least a handful of healthy foods you really enjoy. Begin to collect pictures. You can use these pics to help you begin to crave healthy, low-calorie foods. Maybe you want to create a poster like I have done or use magnets to put a few of these pics on your fridge. The artist in me enjoys the projects, but my techie husband isn’t seduced by the crafting. For him grabbing some images off the net and turning them into a series of revolving screen savers or putting them together in a digital picture frame sounded like a more fun idea. You can probably think of ways that I haven’t to use visual cues to create your cravings. Be creative and enjoy the process.



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