Time To Recruit


     Since the new year began I have enjoyed sharing thoughts and encouragement with Facebook friends who are also on a weight loss or weight maintenance journey through our “Slimdown With Sandee” group page. It’s amazing how far a “Way to go!” or “Good for you!” goes toward making you feel that you really are accomplishing something. Likewise, the “I’ve been there” or “It happens to me to” are a great comfort when the going is tough. This is just a confirmation for me of  how important it is to have good support systems. Is there someone in your life who will really support you in your weight loss goals?

     Today I want you to think about what kinds of support systems you have or will put in place. Begin by thinking about who you know and what roles they are capable of filling. Maybe you don’t have one person in your life who can give all you need. Maybe you need an entire “team” of weight loss supporters. You may choose a buddy, a cheerleader, a coach, or all three.

     “Weight Loss Accountability Partners” or “Wellness Buddies” are pairs of people who have a similar desire to lose weight and are committed to helping each other achieve it. My husband and I began our weight loss efforts together at the beginning of this year as “Wellness Buddies”. I have twice as much weight to lose but he is just as committed and our plans and approaches are much the same. Together we make sure we plan and eat good meals, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and stay mindful of the goals we’ve set. Is there someone in your life who is as eager to see success as you are? Are they the kind of friend who can cheer you on, comfort you in your distress, and tell you what you need to hear even when you don’t want to hear it? If so, latch on to them and make a pact! This is the kind of partnership that can lead to real life change.

     My already thin daughter Katie isn’t going to walk a weight loss path with me but she is supper supportive. She tells me regularly how very proud she is of my efforts. She reminds me how happy I will be when I reach my goal. She even points out how disappointed I would be if I skip out on a workout and how much better I will feel when I am through. She is my cheerleader!

     A “coach” is the one who tells you to forgo the piece of cake because you will regret it “when weigh-in rolls around” or to not slow down on the last lap, but instead to finish strong! This is the person you turn to for sound advise and guidance. Someone who has already succeeded in what you wish to achieve makes the best coach. Maybe you have a trainer, diet group leader, or fitness instructor who has walked the path and will help keep you on goal. 

     Go to your Inspiration Journal now and spend some time planning who you can recruit to fill these roles and which kinds of partnerships will work best for you. Don’t put this off. Once you have made a firm decision on who to add to your plan, contact them and ask if they would be willing to be a part of your success. Go “Team ME” !

     Be careful, however, not to let having someone to be accountable to take the place of being responsible to and for yourself. Cheating on your eating plan when no one else is looking or fudging on the workout log numbers won’t end in success. Let others be a shoulder to lean on and a crowd to cheer you on, but don’t ever fail to be your own best supporter.


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