Let’s Stay In For A Walk

Roanoke's 1st Annual Give Thanks 5K was held inside, at Valley View Mall.

     I’ve had several people ask me for a solution to their exercise dilemma while discussing the role of cardio activity in their weight loss plan. I often hear statements like “I don’t have a treadmill, so I can’t walk in the winter.” or “I would like to exercise but I don’t have anywhere to do it.” Folks, there is no magic machine or location required to move. Just move.

     When I was a teenager, my regular routine was to speed walk or jog 4 miles a day at the local track. If the weather was bad I would take the same amount of time that I usually spent there and simply use it running in place in front of the tv.

     Lately I have been doing most of my walking on a treadmill, but Monday Tony and I decided we wanted to walk together. The weather was a bit icky so we went to a local mall. Each lap around the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg, VA is 1/4 mile. 6 laps around the ground floor of Valley View Mall in Roanoke is 5k. Mall walking is becoming more and more common. Some malls even have walking groups and special programs for their local walkers.

     Can’t leave the house or want a guided walking program? Try a DVD workout like Walk Away Your Waistline, by Leslie Sansone. My sister-in-law was nice enough to pass this one along to me. I tried the 3 mile walk for the first time recently. It’s a nice little twist on traditional walking. Leslie is very fun and upbeat and the waist-band allows you to get some toning in as you go.

     Anywhere you are you can walk, jump, run in place, punch, dance, or play the pounds away, even inside your own home. So, no excuses. Move!

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