Think Yourself Thin


   It’s been a little harder to stay encouraged today. Some of the “newness” that goes along with the New Year has worn off. Sickness has invaded Casa De Johnson. Tony has been down with strep throat, Katie has had a virus, and I seem to be battling a bit of un-diagnosable fatigue. It would be way too easy to dwell on negatives or make excuses. I know I could justify a few extra calories to “get my strength up” or a missed work out to “rest up”. However, as I look at comments from my Slimdown with Sandee Facebook Group pals I am reminded how truly the encouragement we need is often” just a word away”. I love to see the little “keep it up” and “way to go” references. They make me take a deep breath and go at it again, even when I’d considered staying in my seat. Thank you, pals, for your encouragement.

     As grateful as I am for the support of friends, it’s important that I not become too dependant on it. What if I don’t have a cheerleader near by? What if no ones makes a “comment” today? I need to be able to be my own cheerleader! 

    Earlier this week I read a Facebook comment from my friend Sherri, stating ” You know you’re in the right frame of mind when you say I get to work out today instead of I have to work out today.” It’s amazing the difference just a word makes in the way we think about a thing. It’s a totally different feeling isn’t it? I “have” to vs. I “get” to.  Words and thoughts are powerful things. This reminded me that I had some very important tools in my arsenal that I wasn’t currently using to my advantage, Affirmations! Why had I let these lapse?  I need all the strength and confirmation I can get. Don’t you? Daily Affirmation time has been reinstated!

     I am a big believer in the power of  positive thinking.  Affirmations  (thoughts or statements in support of an outcome I wish to achieve) keep me moving in the right direction. I have a list of simple sentences that I have collected. Each reinforces a concept that is helpful to me in becoming more healthy and reaching my ideal weight. Below is my list.

  • I look forward to workouts.
  • I’m on the road to fitness.
  • I am losing weight this very minute.
  • I love myself just as I am.
  • I feel lighter today.
  • I am encouraged by every success.
  • I value effort.
  • I am motivated by challenges.
  • Overcoming obstacles excites me.
  • I love long walks.
  • Losing weight is fun.
  • Failures motivate me to try harder and succeed.
  • I love endorphins.
  • Sweat is sexy.
  • I look thinner today.
  • I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I exercise.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I forgive myself when I am imperfect.
  • I choose to be slim, strong, and healthy.
  • Healthy is beautiful.
  • I reject negative thoughts.
  • I have the energy and the power to change.
  • Everyday I get more control over my health.
  • My thoughts influence my body.
  • My positive beliefs create my successful outcome.
  • I know and believe that I can control my weight.
  • My ideal weight and shape is within my control.
  • My desired outcome will be achieved.
  • I shall attain and maintain my ideal weight.
  • I enjoy how I feel when I make healthy choices.
  • I feel more powerful when I am fit.
  • My weight loss is permanent
  • Success is waiting for me.
  • I love the feeling of making progress.
  • I love foods that help me be thin.
  • I love foods that give me energy.
  • I love foods that don’t weigh me down.
  • Losing weight is fun.
  • Exercise is fun.
  • Healthy foods are delicious.
  • I love to move.
  • I am going to fit into the next smaller size very soon.
  • I enjoy being healthy.
  • Being healthy makes me feel energetic and powerful.
  • My body is getting stronger, slimmer, and healthier every day.
  • I am ready to be healthy and thin.
  • It feels good to have a toned body.
  • I create energy when I work out.
  • Each workout brings me closer to the ideal me.
  • Exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  • Health is extremely important to me.
  • Health and Fitness are within my grasp.
  • I am committed to doing what it takes.
  • I am motivated.
  • Fitness gives me confidence.
  • I deserve healthy food and a healthy body.
  • My healthy choices are an act of thanksgiving to the Creator.
  • I am in the process of creating the body I always wanted.
  • The “temple” deserves respect and proper care.
  • It will feel so nice to fit into smaller sized clothes again.
  • I will succeed in being my ideal size and shape.
  • My body is to be kept beautiful and healthy.
  • I’m having fun getting in shape.
  • I enjoy life more and have more fun when I am fit.
  • Water is refreshing and satisfying
  • Water makes me feel full.
  • Water satisfies my food cravings.
  • I feel good when I eat small amounts.
  • I feel energized by healthy foods.
  • Every time I exercise I enjoy it more.
  • I am serious about my fitness.
  • I work daily to reach my goal.
  • I am getting my whole life into balance.
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • Getting strong makes me feel capable.
  • Strength is sexy.
  • Being healthy makes life easier.
  • As I strengthen my body, I strengthen my confidence and self-esteem.
  • I will be lean, firm, and strong for life.
  • My sleeping habits are improving.
  • I am grateful for the ability God has given me to be active.
  • I am thankful for the healthy foods God provides.
  • Everyday I am more healthy and happy.
  • I give God the glory for all the strength he gives me.

     I encourage you to make your own list of affirmations. You are welcome to start your list by borrowing from mine. They aren’t original. This is a combination of statements, scriptures, and ideas that I have borrowed from others along the way. There are many ways you may choose to use your affirmations. Maybe you will read a few each morning. Maybe you will make little notes to post around the house as reminders. These could be a slide show or screen saver. I’ve decided to borrow “I GET to work out today!”  from my friend Sherri and post it in my family room near the exercise equipment.

     As you are adding new positive thoughts lets also work toward eliminating the negative. We all talk to ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Over the next few days, start “listening” for the inner conversations. When it’s time to exercise are you thinking or feeling “Oh no” or “Here We Go!” When you are preparing lunch is it “I can’t have a burger” or “I get to enjoy a delicious wrap!” We talk ourselves into and out of many things every day. Start being intentional in your thoughts. Decide what you want, and learn to think accordingly.

     Do you catch yourself playing down the positives or failing to celebrate the accomplishments? Are you greeting the weigh in with phrases like “I only lost one pound”? Are you understating your accomplishments in your workout? “I walked just one mile”. Don’t discredit your achievements.  Play up the positives. Give yourself credit for evey effort and every success.

     If you’ve ever read The Pondered Path by Vicki Jansen you’re probably familiar with terms like “inner critic” and thought “police man”. For some of us these voices go all but unnoticed. For others they play very real roles in our lives already. You may be aware of the little voice that justifies eating the ice cream even when you’ve already gone over your goal calories or points for the day. However, you may not really notice the “Critic” in the background saying “It doesn’t really matter anyway, you’ll never lose all the weight.” This is where the “Police Man” comes in handy. He helps keep the “trouble makers” at bay by pointing out their existence, determining their usefulness, and shutting them down when they are out of line. The “Police Man” can also escort up to the front of the line the inner-coach whose shouting, “You can do it! Go for the apple instead. Finish strong!” Good for you, “Police Man”.

     As you spend the next few days really paying attention to the conversations that take place in your mind, I want you to use your Inspiration Journal to make notes about these inner dialogues. Who are the “key players”? The Critic? The Justifier? The Accuser? Who needs to intervene? The Police Man? The Coach? The Cheerleader? Write about the battles going on in the brain. Work on understanding what flawed thinking may be blocking the road for you and how you can set it right.

     We must learn that talking to ourselves isn’t a sign of insanity but a sign of strength. Lets start to understand the inner dialogue and use it to create our success.

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