Go Fish!


     In 1o Ways To Increase Your Metabolism we discussed the metabolism boosting benefit of adding Omega 3’s to your diet but there are other reasons to consider adding fish to the menu. Those same Omega 3’s can help reduce cholesterol, improve circulation, and improve heart health. It is also believed that Omega 3’s can help reduce the risk of some cancers and help aid in improved brain function. In addition, fish is a great source of lean protein and if cooked in a diet friendly manner can be very low in calories. Getting enough lean protein helps you stay full longer and along with exercise will help you build lean muscle. Seafood is rich in minerals like iron, zinc, iodine and selenium. Fish is also an excellent source of vitamins such as riboflavin, B2 and vitamins A, C and D. Thus it can help you keep bones, teeth, eyes, and skin healthy. Consider adding at least 2 servings of fish or seafood to your weekly menu plan.

     For some Heart Healthy Fish Recipes try Chef Meg’s favorites from SparkRecipes. Looking for ways to make better seafood choices when eating out? Read Men’s Health article 15 New Seafood Swaps For Weight Loss. Want to know which fish dishes are enjoyed as part of the Johnson Family menu? See the yummy items listed below.

     We enjoy Gorton’s Grilled Salmon or Tilapia once or twice a week. These low-calorie fish filets are usually served with frozen veggies like Pictsweet Schezwan Asparagus and Green Giant Honey Glazed Carrots. Dessert is usually fruit. We might have a Dole Mandarin Orange cup or Del Monte Peaches. Yummy. Gorton’s Grilled Shrimp is especially delicious on a fresh salad of lettuce, tomato, carrots and cucumber with a light vinaigrette dressings and a sprinkle of shredded cheese.

     StarKist pouches make enjoying lean protein quick, easy, and convenient. With no refrigeration needed these can be kept out in the snack basket, tossed in a lunch box, or kept in the desk drawer. Tuna Salad, Tuna Creations, or Chunked Tuna – you choose. These can be enjoyed straight from the pouch or for a few additional calories enjoy with bread and make a 1/2 sandwich or serve over fresh salad veggies to make it more of a meal.

     On the rare occasion that I opt to snack while watching tv I sometimes opt for the Kroger Sushi. This “no raw fish” seafood treat is low in calories even with a little soy sauce or wasabi. My favorite so far is the California Roll. I can eat 9 pieces for under 300 calories.

     A frequent lunch time treat from the seafood world is Campbell’s Chunky Healthy Request New England Clam Chowder. This is hearty and delicious and a 1 cup serving is only 130 calories.

     Eating out? I recently discovered a new seafood rich favorite at Olive Garden. Seafood Brodetto combines tilapia, scallops, and shrimp with spinach and mushrooms in a light white wine sauce. This became an instant favorite for me.

     Tony’s favorite restaurant is O’Charley’s. One of my very favorite dishes there is the Cedar Plank Salmon. This has such a nice flavor and is served in large portions. It is very much worth the 530 calories, but I usually eat 1/2 the fish along with 1/2 my veggies and take the other half home for a second meal. Yesterday, Tony and I split this dish, halfing the calories and sharing the joy. Want the meal all to yourself but looking to take in fewer calories? Enjoy the Cedar Plank Tilapia for only 280 calories.

     When we still had a Texas Steakhouse in Christiansburg, I used to eat lunch there frequently with friends. Now that the closest locations are Roanoke and Princeton I don’t get to enjoy lunch there very often. I miss their Blackened Tilapia, a delicious 144 calories according to Livestrong.com Calorie Counter.

     Even fast food fish joints are getting in on the healthier side of seafood. Long John Silver’s has some tasty options on their Fireside Grille Menu. Captain D’s has a Salmon Salad that is very diet friendly as well.

     Have fun finding your new favorite fish dishes! Let me know what you decided to add to your weekly menu.

Disclaimer: No Disney Characters Were Harmed In The Writing Of This Blog Post.

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  1. Norma
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 09:48:56

    We take the coated burpless fish oil capsules because A reacts to seafood and cannot eat it. He has a problem with uncoated fish oil capsules. I bought a book by Dr. Travis Stork of “The Doctors” TV program titled “The Lean Belly Prescription” and one of the quotes from his book that works well for those who cannot eat seafood is: “A single ounce of walnuts has as many waist-trimming, brain-clearing, heart-helping omega-3 fatty acids as 4 ounces of salmon.” (page 128) This is great news for those who cannot eat seafood!


  2. slimdownwithsandee
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 13:49:01

    Omega 3 fatty acids also stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that increases feelings of fullness. This makes you feel full sooner so you stop eating after having had fewer calories.


  3. slimdownwithsandee
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 14:25:22

    Halibut, herring, mackerel, sardines, orange roughy, and tuna are the seafood items highest in Omega 3. Cod, bass, haddock, perch, sardines, and catfish are all good fish to add to the diet, too. Other seafood to add for Omega 3 benefits include lobster, crab, oysters, and scallops.


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