MileStone Markers


     I believe it’s important to celebrate each and every accomplishment. In my Inspiration Journal I keep records of my calorie intake, exercise, and weight. Then once a week I go back and look to see what I did well and give myself A’s and stickers and cheers for each goal I reached or exceeded. I celebrate even the little ones like staying in my calorie range and getting in exercise that day (See A for Effort). For every 5 pound mile marker that I hit I pin-up a new Virtual Me  on my weight loss chart(See Say Hello To My Little Friend). I love visual reminders of my progress, my success! I encourage you to find creative and joyful ways to mark your progress.

     Last week my friend Joyce shared the above photo from Pintrest with our Slimdown With Sandee Facebook group and we all found this project very exciting. Jar one is filled with marbles (or craft rocks) representing the number of pounds to be lost. As each pound is conquered a marble is placed in the second jar. If you have fewer pounds to lose or need more frequent motivation each marble could represent 1/10 of a pound. Someone suggested using white marbles to represent most pounds but using a colored marble to represent each 5 or 10 pound mark hit. The above picture shows several pink marbles which might be just such markers and a large pink jewel which I’m betting represents that final pound to be lost for goal weight. How rewarding would it feel to top that jar off with the final marker? A gem seems appropriate. One of our ladies suggested putting an IOU in the bottom of the first jar for something special, a nice little reward that you promise yourself when your goal is reached. Maybe a new outfit, a spa day, or a trip. What a great idea is that?

     If your goal is fitness related rather than weight loss, these jars could work for you, too. Training for your first 5k? Figure out how many miles you need to run to reach your workout goals and let each stone moved represent a mile. Keeping up with cardio in minutes instead? Move a stone for each half hour workout you work in. Get creative.

     Consider making a set of the motivation jars for yourself. Get creative. Use mason jars, vases, or fishbowls. Whatever you like and can see through. Fill them with marbles, buttons, rocks, bouncy balls or whatever excites you. No, you can’t use candy. I asked my husband and he encouraged me to refrain. One look at a Lindt truffle and I might decide I could give that 1st lb back anyway. Counter productive, I guess. So I have decided to use bath beads. My sweet hubby spent two days on the internet shopping for these for me, after running all over town and not finding any. My IOU? New clothing for the new me! Thanks again Joyce and all who shared variations on the idea!

     My friend Beverly is doing a combined milestone marker/rewards program with Jewelry. She has purchased a charm bracelet and for each milestone reached she is adding a special charm that represent some aspect of the journey. Beautiful and symbolic idea, Beverly. Congratulations on your new charm the BIG 10 lbs!!! We look forward to following the rest of your journey on your blog

Weight Tracker Graph

     If you are more mathematical or scientific than artistic, then marking progress on the Weight Tracker and plotting your progress might just be the key. Print out the chart and hang it where you can see it as a reminder of what you’ve done and what is yet to come.

     Maybe a Weight Loss Ticker like the one above is perfect for you. You can put this on your homepage, blog, or Facebook page. This one came from but there are similar trackers all over the net.

Virtual Sandees from See Say Hello To My Little Friend to learn more.


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