I’m No Longer A Dieter


     No, I haven’t given up on my goal or somehow miraculously  hit my goal weight over night. I am still eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. So how can I say I’m not a dieter?

     When you think of a “dieter”, you likely picture an over weight individual with a diet coke in one hand, a salad in the other, and an eye on someone elses plate. According to a 2009 study from American Psychologist there’s a reason for that.  Newsflash! Diets don’t work. If they did we would not continue to be an obese nation full of “dieters”.

     Why don’t diets work? “Diets” in the traditional sense are short-term eating plans that greatly restrict food intake. I’ve said many times that “Short-term thinking creates short-term results”. If you take on changes that you view as just for a little while, when the time limit is up, you revert to the same habits that made you chubby to begin with. You may lose a few pounds while on a diet but when your old habits return, so does the weight.  Second, as we discussed yesterday, diets are frustrating leaving people hungry, limited in their choices, and reaching for unrealistic results. Third, diets are usually presented as a “one size fits all”. These don’t take into consideration the differences in the needs of someone who wishes to lose 5 or 10 lbs verses 100 to 200 lbs. They don’t consider the difference in someone who makes $10,000 a year and $100,000 a year. Budgets, waist sizes, food availability, medical conditions and so many other life factors play a part in making an approach the right fit. Finally, many diets are simply unhealthy and unscientific. Approaches that limit your nutrition or add chemicals that may play havoc with your system can be counter productive. Diets are the “snake oil” of the wellness world.

     Everyone has a “diet”, whether they are on a diet or not.  Yours may be healthy or unhealthy. It may be planned or you may fly by the seat of your pants as most people do. Every day, even multiple times a day, you chose whether or not to fill your body with healthy, life-giving foods. Once you are off a set “diet” most people, even if they lose some weigh, gain it back plus extra pounds. Why is that? The human body was designed to conserve energy and stored energy in the body is fat. Purposeful restriction or uncontrollable starvation, your body can’t tell the difference. It simply knows that it isn’t getting what it needs, so when the calories intake goes up again after having been extremely low, the body does it’s job. It works really hard to store fat in case another season of starvation is coming. In addition, if your eating is emotionally based and you are trying to feed an emotional void in addition to your physical belly, you are putting in more food than the body needs. Those additional calories become additional pounds.  When you go from being a “dieter” to letting your emotions or your cravings control your choices you actually put the body in a position where it has to gain weight. That doesn’t sound like a very good plan, does it?

     Adopting a healthier eating plan as part of your forever lifestyle is the solution to the weight dilema. So, stop “dieting” and begin living a healthy life. Eat frequently to stay full. Eat a healthy variety of protein, carbs, and fats. Make sure you get plenty of veggies and fruit. Stay well hydrated. The body needs plenty of water to operate properly. Don’t skip meals. I don’t dig hunger. I love feeling consistent energy throughout my day. I’ve been on many fad diets and diet plans but no more “diets” for me. I’m not a dieter! I’m a health minded woman with a lust for life!

    It’s time for you to give up the diet rollercoaster and make a lifelong commitment to learning healthy practices and applying them. When you talk about your weight loss experience do you say you’re on a diet, or do you say you have chosen a helathier lifestyle? More importantly which is your truth? Are you loosing weigh in a way that you can sustain the rest of your life? If not, you’re really on a another diet. If you are ready for permenant change,  join me in a life of ever growing energy, joy, and vitality!



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