Weigh In Wednesday – Composition Counts


     As I look to my scales this morning and see a weight loss of  0.8 lbs, it’s nice to be reminded that poundage is only part of the picture.  The photo above was shared with our Slimdown With Sandee Facebook group by my friend Sandi. It’s one of those pictures that’s worth 1000 words. My immediate thought was “This picture is its own blog topic”. So here we are.

     Sandi and I don’t know the girl in the picture, but as weight conscious women we know, in spite of our pound-oriented society, we would much rather be like the picture on the right than the one on the left. We talk about “getting skinny” when we diet but what I really want is to get strong and sexy. Don’t you?

     Clearly, the girl above is working for her figure. The difference between the pictures is toning. This girl has found ways to strengthen the muscles in her body. Healthy diet likely played a part. Exercise definitely did!

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     If the girl in the above picture were looking to the scales to tell her if her body were improving, she would be sadly disappointed. Yet her body has clearly improved. A body fat monitor (like the one pictured above) or a measuring tape would have told a much different story than the scale.

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     Not seeing the weight you want on the scale even tough you are working out regularly and eating well? I encourage you to use other tools such as a Body Mass Index monitor (measures body fat) or a tape measure (to show inches lost).

     Seeing weight loss on the scale but not seeing the body you want in the mirror? I encourage you to find an all over body toning program. Weight training doesn’t have to mean bulking  up. The best bodies come from working out in ways that build muscle. Remember, composition counts!


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