Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Weight Conscious


     I’m a self-proclaimed Daddy’s Girl. From the time I was little my Daddy always bought me a big heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentines Day. It made me feel special, and it was delicious. Knowing that I’m being more careful with what I eat now, and watching out for my best interest, my mother said to me, “Your Dad was talking about buying your Valentine gift. I bet you don’t want candy, do you?”

      I WANT candy! I love candy! However, a giant box that will call my name until empty isn’t a great idea. “I would love a card and a couple of chocolate kisses,” was my reply and it was sincere.

Ok, I know it's the wrong holiday, but you get the point.

     I’m eating healthy and enjoying it, but one of my truths is, “If there is chocolate in the house, I will want to eat it.”  My precious hubby and sweet daughter are nice enought to keep their private stashes out of sight…or maybe that’s smart enough. Either way!  I’m saved.

     Someday I may be able to keep an entire box of chocolates in the house and eat one every couple of days. Maybe I could even do it now, but I am not ready to try. Chocolate is my big weakness. If I want to treat myself with chocolate, and I occasionally do, I buy just what I plan to eat at that moment. I buy one small bar, a mini bag of kisses, or a 3 pack of truffles. I might even spread the joy out over the entire day, but I don’t bring a weeks worth into the house to tempt me.

     So if a giant heart-shaped box of calories isn’t on my Valentine’s wish list, what would make a great valentine gift for a weight conscious person like me? Following are 10 ideas for things I’d love to get. Maybe this will inspire you as you plan a gift for your sweetie, or yourself. Come on, you deserve it!

1. Edible Arrangements – chose from all fruit or fruit with a little chocolate for a lovely treat to share with your Sweetie-Pie!

2. offers a 100 calorie treat basket for the Valentine looking for a little snack.

3. Think no calories with warm-hearted gifts of coffee or tea.

  4. A bath basket is a nice little luxury for the love in your life.

5. Make Plans To Move Together. Purchase a dance game, DVD workout, or dance lessons and have some romantic fitness moments.

6. Their Favorite Essential Oils for Aromatherapy or Fragrances for pure pleasure.

7. A professional massage, or maybe a couples massage.

8. Two new sets of clothes. One to celebrate the progress they have made so far and one to encourage them to achieve the next goal.

9. Fitness wear or gear from their Fantasy Fitness Wardrobe.

10.  Plan a surprise trip. Everyone loves an adventure. Make it  full of active fun.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Norma
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 08:01:53

    Fantastic ideas!!!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.


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