Girl Scout Cookie Season – What New Vexation Is This?


     First, let me say, this isn’t a political piece. I don’t have a beef with the little girls in green. In fact, I’m a fan of the girl scouts, boy scouts, cub scouts, and brownies…..Brownies? Now I’m hungry again. Which brings me to my point, the girl scouts are on a mission, to make ME fat. My rant is personal.

     I was sitting at my computer Wednesday night, minding my own business when my husband came home carrying three bags.  Two were full of goodies my Mom-In-Law sent. The first held coupons, magazines and newspapers to keep me in the know. The second held notebooks, great for making new Inspiration Journals. I’ve almost filled my first one and it’s only month 2 of 2012. The third bag wasn’t from Mom. It was from my local Girl Scout. They were cookies I had ordered long ago and forgotten about, along with several extra boxes my darling husband bought.

     My husband and daughter promptly opened the Girl Scout bag and pulled out four boxes of cookies. They plopped up on my bed and began to munch. Apparently it was snack time. I kept my reserve, in spite of my temptation. I had already eaten all my calories for the day so I enjoyed going through my papers and declined the sweet treats. I felt very proud as I strongly and politely said, “No thank you. I’m not hungry.” My husband said he would take the leftovers to work with him the next day. No harm, no foul. Crisis averted, right?

     The next morning is where it all fell apart. As I got ready for my day, I went to record my morning weigh in on my daily log and there they were. All four boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting on top of  the log. It was as if they were saying, “Go ahead and record the calories. You know you are going to eat us anyway.”

     Now the resolve was slipping. I have mentioned that I have a weakness for chocolate. However, my real kryptonite is peanut butter and chocolate together, and the Girl Scouts, they’ve got it! They use to call them Tagalongs (perhaps because the pounds gained from them follow closely behind rounding out the rumpus). The box now simply reads “Peanut Butter Patties”, making sure I don’t miss that they are made of all that peanut buttery goodness. I decided it was inevitable. So I read the calories on the box. 130 calories for 2 cookies. I could eat an entire snack pack of peanut butter crackers for only a few more calories. Was it worth it?  I decided it was. I began to remove two cookies from the box and then thought, “You are having two because the box lists calories in two. Why not see if one will fix the craving? So I removed one from the box and ate it in several small bites, savoring each delicious taste. One was not enough, but somehow the second one was gone much more quickly. I debated a third, but held my resolve to have only one serving. I did eat the cookies but I didn’t lose control.

      I couldn’t stand staring at the boxes of cookies every time I recorded a food count. I made my daughter hide them in the closet until her dad could get them and take them to work. I didn’t want them calling to me anymore. But call they did.

     I may have hidden mine in the closet, but the darn Girl Scout cookies are everywhere, like dandilions in spring, I see them wherever I look. Online, parents are offering to sell them to anyone with cash in hand. I see them pictured on Pintrest. They are being sold on every corner by little girls with tables full of calorie-laden deliciousness.

     I was prepared for Valentine’s Day and even Easter already. I had mentally prepped for being tempted by isles of chocolate covered hearts and jelly beans. I knew if I could make it out of the store without purchasing, I was safe. It wasn’t like the chocolate was going to follow me home.

     Girl Scout Cookie season took me by surprise. I didn’t have it marked on a calender and there was no preemptive fanfare. Suddenly it was just upon me. And the Girl Scout Cookies do follow you home. What’s that about? Even the pizza boy doesn’t come unless I call but the precious little girl who rings your doorbell pushing sugary treats comes without warning or invitation. It’s like some dieter’s nightmare movie. They are everywhere.

     Worse still, I can’t get them off my mind. I will be working on a piece for the blog or planning a menu for next week and suddenly I catch myself thinking, “I could fit in and extra 130 calories there. Maybe I’ll try those caramel cookies my husband is enjoying so much.” The madness has to stop.

     As I sit here staring at the remainder of the box of Peanut Butter Patties, I’m making no promises. I will count my final calories for the day, and if there are a few left, the girl scouts will most likely get those. What remains tomorrow goes to Sunday School with me. I’m sure someone will be glad to share my suffering. Did you ever meet anyone who could say no to a thin mint AND a samoa?

     If you’ve had a laugh or two at my expense, you may have burned a few extra calories today. Laughing increases your heart rate by 10 to 20 percent, increasing your metabolism. So you burn calories while you are laughing and for a while after as well. Laughing 10 – 15 minutes a day burns between 10 and 40 extra calories. It’s not enough to skip a trip to the gym, but it like 1/2 a Girl Scout  Cookie and could equal as much as 4 pounds in a year, according to So why not enjoy a funny movie this evening. The laughter will be good for you.

P.S. I didn’t eat the cookies. I walked 5 miles and watched The Golden Girls. I had a great workout and a good laugh or two instead of the extra calories.

A few Extra Laughs For You From Shut Up I’m Talking.



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  1. slimdownwithsandee
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 00:27:00

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