How I Lose Weight – Stepping Stones In A Nutshell


     As we enter week 8 I hope you are still strong in your resolve to reach your goals for 2012. Eight weeks is a great beginning! Not many people last that long at something that is merely a “New Year’s Resolution”. For you, this is something more. I am so proud of you and your efforts.

     For me week 7 was good but had some obstacles. Travel, Girl Scout cookie delivery, and Valentine’s Day all posed their challenges. My highest calorie intake day was 2268 and my lowest 1129. I went over in calories two days. One was the aforementioned “over 2000 calories” day (where I just couldn’t seem to stop being hungry) and one  day I was over by only 65 calories. My count on all the other days was much closer to the low-end of my 1200 minimum, being under just once. Exercise went well with both toning days done by mid-week and cardio goals reached in two sessions. 


  If you are getting ready to put together your to-do list for next week think about what we’ve learned in the past week. If you haven’t tried the “Sensual Eating” exercise in Deprivation Isn’t Sexy, make a point to do so. It really will teach you a lot about yourself and the best way to fully experience food. Don’t have a pedometer? Make plans to pick one up. Counting those steps can make a big difference. I have received the one I ordered from and I am really liking it so far. I wore it while on the treadmill to check it’s accuracy and it was spot-on. It was simple to program and is easy to read and use. Need a new scale? Add that to the list too. Don’t want to invest? Add a weigh-in time at the gym or mall to the calender so you don’t forget to check. Maybe you were swayed by the studies about dessert with breakfast. If so include that little something sweet in your morning menu plans.    

     I had some fun food experiences this week that I thought I would share. Maybe you will find a little inspiration for next week’s menu.

     Above you will see a pic of the Valentine Dinner my husband and I shared this week. It was simple, full of variety, and broken up into three low cal courses so that we could enjoy it over the course of several hours. An appetizer plate of sharp white cheddar cheese, black olives and stuffed “peppadews” was a delicious snack. If you’ve never tried a peppadew, you really should make a point to. Peppadews are a unique fruit discovered in Sout Africa just 15 years ago. They are a little hot, a little sweet, and a whole lot of delicious. The main meal was a Gardenburger Portabello Pattie covered with a 1/2 serving of Gorton’s Shrimp Scampi. Steamfresh Garlic Baby Peas & Mushrooms and Green Giant Honey Glazed Carrots rounded out the main meal. Later in the evening dessert was a single chocolate covered strawberry(about 65 calories) , a graham cracker with low-fat strawberry cream cheese, and about a table-spoon each of walnuts, pecans, and cashews. The pretty pink beverage is a no-cal Sparkling Ice Pink Grapefruit Spring Water. It was lovely and delicious while being healthy, simple, and inexpensive.

     We ate at a german restaurant the next day and I was thrilled to discover that sauerkraut is quite low in calories, less than 50 calories per serving. I really enjoyed the flavor and have decided to find ways to work it into my at-home menus.

     Another food discovery this week was Odwalla brand Chocolate Chip Peanut bars. It was very filling and really yummy. It was like eating a big cookie.  It’s made with fruit, whole grain cereal, chocolate chips, and dry roasted peanuts. It has 7 grams of protein and is 230 Calories of delicious!

     Kar’s Sweet and Salty Mix snack packs were another of my little pleasures this week. These contain nuts, raisins, and a bit of chocolate for 100 calories. They aren’t very big, but the flavor is great and it definitely filled my sweet tooth while providing some protein as well. I’ve added these to the snack basket.

     Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I’m doing to lose the weight and, though I could merely say read all 50 entries in my blog, I have decided it would make sense to give a brief overview of the basics that are working for me. If you are following every day I apologize for the repetition. If not, this is really what I do in its simpelest terms. So here it goes.

     I set a clear goals that I keep in front of me. If you are interested in losing weight the first thing I suggest you do is find the ideal weight goal that is right for you and begin to set goals toward getting there. Not sure how to pick a goal weight? Read Say Hello To My Little Friend to learn how.

My Goal:  “To weigh 135 lbs by 12/31/2012. (That is a loss of approximately 40 lb in 1 year).

     Next I created “action steps” to help me reach this goal and I evaluate the steps each week to see how they are working for me. Your action steps should be based on realistic efforts you plan to put forth for the long-term.

 MyAction Steps: I will continue to limit my daily caloric intake to 1600 calories, focusing on good nutrition in my choices. I will continue to speed walk no less than 8 miles during the week and include at least two combined toning and cardio exercise session. I will officially weigh in once this week, marking my progress on the Weight Tracker tool.”

     Then I create a weekly to-do list that will guide me in accomplishing all that I need to in order to stick to my plan. Below is my to-do list for week 8.

To-Do List:

1. Plan Weekly Menu (See Plan To Eat Fabulous Foods.)

2. Grocery Shop (See Stocking The “New Me” Pantry.)

3. Refill Snack Basket (See The Real Food Fight .)

4. Weigh In (See Weigh In Wednesday.)

5. Organize Outfits and Gear (See Get Your Rear In Gear.)

6. Speed Walk a Total of 8 Miles

7.  2 or More Toning/Cardio Sessions (10 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism)

8. Enjoy a Rest Day. (See Balance.)

9. Grade Last Weeks Efforts (See A for Effort.)

10. Assess Past Week’s Efforts (See Assess for Success.)

11. Create next Stepping Stones Sheet

     Some of the steps I take are things that I need to make sure are done daily. For these I use a daily log as a reminder and record of progress. Here I record my calories, exercise, rest, and more. I have, as a part of my personal plan, added three 4 oz servings of grapefruit or grapefruit juice a day and four servings of dairy. Both help with weight loss and appetite control. I also take 2000 mg of Omega 3 each day to aid in weight loss and for the overall health benefits.

Daily Log

Morning Weight: ______           Evening Weight: ______

Did You Take Your Omega 3? Yes / No

Servings Of Dairy:   ——–      Servings Of Grapefruit: ____

Did You Do Daily Affirmations? Yes / No

Did You Use Aromatherapy? Yes / No

Bedtime:  ——————               Wake Up Time:  ———————

Did You Eat Frequently (Approximately Every Two Hours Until After Dinner)? __________

Did You Complete Cardio In Miles or Minutes? ___________________________

Did You Complete Toning Exercises? _________________________________

Did You Drink at least 64 ounces of Water? ______________________________

Total Calories Consumed:_________

Foods Eaten












     If you are looking to emulate the behaviors that have helped me lose almost 70 lbs, there it is in a nutshell. So, get crackin’! 🙂


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