Outfitting Ideal Me


     It’s time to get creative again! I want you to stay excited about the new body you are building! Spend some time today preparing for the new clothes “Ideal You” will need when you reach your weight goal. Let’s go virtual window shopping.

     I enjoy collecting ideas for “Ideal Me”. After having lost 70 lbs, I’ve had to ditch the old clothes and buy a few new ones several times along the way. Once I reach my goal weight I will need to do some more shopping, no doubt. In order to stay mindful of the joy of my future body, the reality of what I’m working toward, I collect pics of outfits as inspiration. I can look through these and be reminded of how good my body will look when I reach my goal. This will also serve a practical purpose. This will give me a starting point  for building a permanent wardrobe. I will already know what I like and where to find great pieces.

     Take out your Inspiration Journal and grab a few catalogs or magazines. Begin to cut out pics that appeal to you. How darling will you be in that outfit when you reach your goal? Would you rather create a virtual wardrobe online? No problem.  Pintrest.com is an ideal place to begin. With the click of a mouse you can collect outfits you like from all over the web. Be free with it. Pick outfits for casual wear, work, formal occasions, and workouts. Heck, pick outfits for Halloween and for vacations! Don’t limit yourself. If you love it, put it in the wardrobe. After all, it doesn’t cost a thing to outfit virtually. Ditch the practicality, go dream! Have some fun and inspire yourself to push harder, reach further, and attain your goal.


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