Why Dance?


     It’s no secret that I love Zumba! It is the exercise that helped me keep off the first 50 lbs for over a year. I did little else. There was no calorie counting, (though I did focus one eating healthy foods in appropriate portion sizes and staying away from “junk”). I wasn’t running or lifting in the gym. Zumba and Zumba toning were my maintainance plan and I lost an extra jean size just as a bonus.

Angel's classes rock! At home workouts are good, but live classes have the most to offer.

       Yesterday, my Zumba Instructor and dear friend Angel Chadwell of Angel Zumba Fitness, shared a great article on Facebook. It was a psychology Today piece entitled “Five Steps To A Great Workout“. The name is a little misleading,because the real point to the piece is that Dance, as a fitness approach, has benefits that go far beyond the physical. Not only is dance great from a social perspective (let me hear a Whoop! Whoop! from my many Zumba friends) but it also has amazing benefits mentally and emotionally. Dance feels like less of a chore than many other fitness pursuits. The music inspires and motivates. It encourages much-needed self-expression. “Dance Therapy”, in fact is recognized as a very effective treatment for a number of psychological distresses.  Aerobic activity is often recommended for folks suffering from depression and “dance therapy” is among the most enjoyable and motivational forms.

     Whether you feel inspired to try my own beloved Zumba or another form of Dance exercise like Jazzercise or Bodystep, I encourage you to get moving and grooving. Fun music and a friendly atmosphere encourage fun times that allow you to move at maximum calorie burning rates while simply enjoying the “party time”. Endorphins will kick in and you will be treated to an improved mood for hours afterward. It’s the body’s own natural high! 

     A University of Nevada study says there are still more reasons to paticipate in fitness dance. 15 weeks of jazz dance therapy were sufficient to improve balance and coordination in older women (mean age of 68). Also, since you are more likely to stick to something fun and enjoy it for longer intervals, you will probably burn just as many calories in fitness dance as in the gym. A Hungarian study showed that fitness dance is one of the best activities for improvement of self-image and self-esteem in middle-aged women (turning 40 this week, yep that’s me). Who doesn’t want to feel sexy and self assured?


     Why is Zumba my personal favorite? For this uncoordinated but very motivated girl its perfect. It requires little or no athletic ability to enjoy. Even if I’m not always doing it “right” , it provides physical benefits from the rapid movement of arms, legs, and hips. If done correctly it’s passionate and beautiful. If done less than perfectl, it’s still tons of fun and everyone is so involved in their own fun that they don’t notice my moving left as they move right.

Click here to purchase the Ultimate Zumba Experience for at home use. Start dancing in the privacy of your own home.

     “It would be wonderful indeed if the antidote to many of aging’s effects could be found in an activity that is fun, engaging, and relatively easy to do.  Aerobic dance is a great candidate for an anti-aging therapy. It’s less expensive than medication and more enjoyable than simple caloric restriction as a way to control body fat.” The Psycology Today articles added. I’ll take that as a reccomendation to take my love of Zumba into my 40’s and 50’s and so on. I might even try soemthing new like Jazzersize with Sheilah Sites. With all the benefits it’s hard to resist the urge to find new and exciting ways of moving to the beat. So lets dance! Wanna come Zumba with me?



My daughter Katie and I share a loveof Zumba!

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  1. Norma
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 07:45:48

    You and Katie are two beautiful ladies – both inside and outside!!! Love you MUCH!


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