Supermarket Savings For Those Pursuing A Slimmer Self


     My husband used to call me “The Coupon Queen”.  Bargin shopping was more than a hobby, it was an obsession. I once left the supermarket with more money than I came in with. After checking out, the cash register said the store owed me $1.58. So I left with a basket full of groceries and enough money for a cheeseburger. How do you do that? By purchasing the foods that you have coupons and special savings for, no matter what they might be. With my new healthier lifestyle I eat far fewer processed foods and coupons for fresh meats and produce are few and far between. I don’t leave the grocery with more money than I came in with these days but I still like to save a dollar or two where I can. After all, I could use the money I save on groceries to buy that new wardrobe I need when I reach my goal weight. So how do I save at the supermarket when shopping for the new skinnier self?

     Start by planning ahead. Before making the week’s menu check the weekly store ads for specials. Which meats are on sale? Chicken breast and tuna might be a better savings than the turkey and salmon you had originally planned. If strawberries and apples are on sale opt for those rather than the full priced citrus and melon.

     Think seasonally. Fruits and veggies that are in season are likely to be priced more reasonably than out of season items. Oranges and melon in the summer and apples and pumpkin in the fall will work better for your budget and these items are likely to be the most flavorful as well.

     Coupons still count. Frozen and canned foods that are minimally processed can be great choices and might just have Sunday paper savings. Don’t buy junk just because you have a coupon but if there are coupons for healthy choices you love, by all means use them. Internet coupons are becoming more common as well. Google search your commonly purchased foods or visit a coupon search tool like the one at and see if there are savings for your faves.

     Stick to the perimeters. The outside walls of the store are most often lined with the healthiest foods like  fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. Choose these over the inner isles more highly processed and more highly priced packaged goods.

     For protein remember that you can think outside the meat case too. Eggs, dried beans and peanut butter are healthy, versatile, ane economical.

     Shopping smart can help you save a dollar or two, but remember you can’t put a price tag on your health. Never sacrifice nutrition. You are worth every penny invested!

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