Band Camp

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     I have recently developed a new appreciation of resistance bands. I was first introduced to them following an ankle injury. An orthopedist recommended some basic exercises to strengthen the weakened area. Resistance bands were a great tool for that but I had never really taken them seriously for toning. They seemed like a beginner’s tool.  When I started using the toning belt with my Leslie Sansone walking workouts I realized I was waking the next morning with that great little soreness that I remember from weight lifting in my younger days. Maybe these bands really were doing something after all.

     According to a Fox News article these little bands may, in fact, be more effective than dumbbells in helping us get fit. In addition to building strength they help develop better balance and because you can work in a full range of motion you may be working muscles that would be missed with weights alone. Why not try adding some resistance band training to your workout this week.

Click here for a 20 minute resistance band workout from Sparkpeople.


The beginners book on resistance band training.


Click picture to watch this Resistance Band Exercise Video.


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