Milestones and Stepping Stones


     This has been an amazing week. I turned 40 and I gotta tell ya, so far I’m loving this decade. They say 40 is the new 30, but I didn’t feel this amazing even at 30. My loved ones have been so supportive of my determination to be a happier and healthier me that it kind of became the theme for the entire birthday celebration. I have received gifts and cards with a real emphesis on change, growth, health, glamour, and hope! Thank you to everyone who reached out with well wishes. It’s going to be an amazing year!

With my amazing hubby.

     At midnight, as my birthday began, my husband suprised me with a re-proposal. He tied string around the banister to the stairs and ran it all over the house for me to “follow”. In each room the strand led me to a note telling me how much I add to his life. In his office was a note about how much he appreciates my understanding of his work and it’s demands, in the kitchen a note about the healthy meals I prepare, and in the living room a note telling me how much he appreicates my role as a hostess to our family, friends, and associates. In the bedside table was a wrapped box containing an engagement ring, very clearly picked especially for me. He asked me to marry him again. How could I resist. I said yes and he told me I had a wedding to plan. As I become a new me, he wants to re-affirm his love. He reminded me that it would be exciting to pick out a dress for a new 135 lbs body. I am so grateful for his support and devotion. He makes me feel special every day.

     My lifelong bestie has been planning for months in order to be able to be with me for the big 4-0.  She and I enjoyed a lovely dinner and amazing exchange of ideas and experiences into the wee morning hours. I have so many new blog inspirations from our time together. She motivates and inspires me. I am so grateful for her.

My two besties. The first time I've ever been able to enjoy time with both together.

     On Saturday we had a small gathering with those closest to me. The time spent with those I love is the most precious gift. My family is amazing. The warmth, encouragment, and love was overwhelming. I am very blessed to have such supportive loved ones in my life. My parents, inlaws, dearest sister-in-law, two besties, nephews, and daughter all came together to celebrate at my husband’s request. He threw a “Red Hot Mama” party, in honor of the changes in me. What a fun way to enter 40.

     As I look at my stepping stones for the past week, I realize with big birthday plans, the amazing weekend visit of my bestie, and the distractions of several fun special events, I haven’t stuck to the plan as well this week as most.  I got in 1 toning session and 5 of my eight miles. I didn’t count calories on Friday or Saturday. Though I didn’t go hog-wild either. Vicki and I even split a one person meal of healthy foods on Friday night so as to keep our portions in check. I haven’t made menus for the coming week or put together outfits yet. My conclusion. It’s ok as long as this week is an exception and not a beginning of a slip. I will tighten it all up again beginning tomorrow. I am on track with the weight loss. I am making healthy choices and I will get back to buisness after a very exciting week of distractions. The stepping stones won’t change this week, but they will be strictly adhered to.

     Tommorow is the Slimdown sith Sandee Sampling event. I’m very excited and much looking forward to it. I have some fun snack ideas to share and am looking forward to the fellowship and sharing of thoughts, ideas, and struggles. If you are available, please come on out and join us.

     How was your week. Are you on track? If not are you ready to get back with the plan. Are you exercising and eating right? Have you learned what it takes to lose weight? Are you using calories, carbs, fat grams, or points to keep your eating in check? Are you moving with purpose to the point of sweating? Are you being active and building a stronger body? Get your goal in front of you. If you don’t have an action plan, take time to build one. What will you do to reach your goal? Is this the year you break through to a healthier, happier you?

My super sister-in-law! So special!

Still Daddy's Baby Girl even at 40! I love my mom and dad so much!

My own precious baby girl! Even more motivation to live a long healthy life. I want to watch her accomplish so much!

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