Sampling Event

     I wish everyone could have enjoyed the delicious foods, fantastic ideas, and sharing of experiences I was party to last evening. At our first Slimdown With Sandee Get Together we had a great time and discussed some important topics. I am so grateful for the openness and sharing.

Yummy fresh fruit (and a little chocolate) from Edible Arrangements shared by Elizabeth Mullis.
     Each of the individuals present introduced themselves and shared a little about their reasons for being a part of a weight loss support group. We had ladies and gents alike ranging in age from teens to seniors. Some of us have many pounds to lose, others just 5 or 10. Some were low carb eaters and others of us calorie counters or points watchers. Some have lost more than my 70 lbs, others are just beginning to lose, and several fall somewhere in-between. Some have lifelong struggles, others are new to weight loss. What we all share is a love of food and a desire to be healthier.
     We discussed our successes. What exercises and diet approaches worked for each of us and what things are universal to good health. We talked about the importance of hydration and frequent feeding in helping keep hunger at bay. Most of us have found that eating low-calorie snacks with a proper protein balance help keep us from getting too hungry and over eating. Tonight my husband Tony and I shared several snacks that are favorites in our household.
     Some topics that came up which I plan to blog about in the future include how to recognize hunger, emotional eating, and quick and simple meals for healthy living. In addition, I will be working on adding a recipe section to the blog, at my daughter-in-law Destiny’s Facebook suggestion. I know she is an amazing cook and look forward to the low-calorie recipes she and each of you share with me. Please feel free to include pictures and nutritional information as well.

Peppadew with 1/3 wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb spread - approx 20 calories.

      I hope to have another in person event in the near future. Please feel free to comment and share what type of events and topics would be of interest to you. I would also like to know the best days and times for gatherings. I hope these snack ideas from our event will inspire you to have a healthy and delicious snack section of your weekly menu.

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