Weight In Wednesday – How To Overcome Setbacks

     I’ve really been dreading this weeks weigh-in. I know that I haven’t been on my game. Though I haven’t been a complete backslider the exercise was less this week and for several days I used the Birthday celebrations, travel, and company as an excuse to not stick as strictly to my healthy eating plan. This morning my weight is up by 6.2 lbs. I know I didn’t eat 18000 calories over maintainance during the last several days. I’m sure some of the weight number has to to with sugar and sodium intake.  I consider this a minor setback, but a setback none the less.

Having to repeat this little mantra to myself this morning.

     It has been harder to motivate as I have come in to this new week. A number this high is discouraging. It would be easy to make excuses not to create menus, count calories, or fit in the extra workout. As I was researching for myself how to comeback from a setback I decided to share with you this information from an article at e-How.com. Read on, regroup, and move on with commitment! We’ve got places to go in 2012

How to Overcome Weight Loss Setbacks

How to Overcome Weight Loss Setbacksthumbnail 
     Making healthy lifestyle changes in order to lose weight isn’t easy, especially when you have maintained unhealthy eating habits for so long. When you make plans to lose weight in the beginning, it’s easy to slip back into your old ways. It’s important to have a plan in place for these occurrences.

  1. Devise a strategy. Don’t plan to fail, but rather make a plan for success. Be honest about your weight loss setbacks. Perhaps they’re was caused be stress, or maybe you’re an emotional eater. Identify triggers and try to avoid them.

  2. Forgive yourself. If you do slip up, you can’t waste time beating yourself up over it. If you fell off the wagon for a day or a few days know that it’s okay. Just start over with the attitude of succeeding. Be kind to yourself, otherwise you may just give up completely and give in to your unhealthy way of living. Remember that each new day is a new beginning.

  3. Revise your goals. Make sure that your weight loss goals are realistic. One to two pounds a week is excellent progress.
  4. Avoid risky temptations until you are strong enough to handle it. Don’t keep chips, soda, cookies and other unhealthy foods around knowing that you could cave in. Avoid them completely at all costs to minimize the chances of weight loss setbacks.
  5. Exercise more to help overcome weight loss setbacks and kick start your metabolism. If you’ve reach a plateau, increasing your activity or including weight-bearing exercises will help get you back on track, and you’ll gain all the added benefits of exercise as well.

Read more: How to Overcome Weight Loss Setbacks | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2155481_overcome-weight-loss-setbacks.html#ixzz1njKXjyES

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 07:27:41

    Thanks for the words of encouragment! I too had a bad couple of days last week (happy late birthday btw) But I was able to turn it around…I will mark this page so i can (hopefully not..no offense..haha) reference it when I slip…
    2012..THIS IS OUR YEAR!


    • slimdownwithsandee
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 08:04:29

      Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear that you had a bad couple of days but encouraged that you have stayed committed and are doing well. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the encouragment. I am very determined to get the lost ground back very quickly. You are so right! 2012 is OUR YEAR! Keep me posted on your progress! 🙂


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