Staying Low On The Go!


      Having  just gotten back in the groove after a week of celebration and chaos, I’m determined to stay on track. I will be traveling over the weekend, and I know that travel makes it easier for me to slip back into bad habbits. Boredom, eating out, and free time can all be dangerous to the waist line. In order to avoid the road warrior pitfalls I need to do some planning ahead.

     The travel isn’t unexpected. I’ve known that I will be going on this trip for months. Earlier in the week I began focusing on getting in most of my goal exercise time before leaving town. I have already done my two toning sessions for the week and most of my miles. We are staying in a hotel with a pool and exercise facilities. I will look forward to the fun of working out with my girlfriends who are travleing with me. In addition, there is a workout DVD that I’ve been meaning to share and this might be a great excuse to do so. My laptop and any open area could provide for an improptu fitness class. What fun!

     Eating frequently has been key to my success so I have already planned to pack snacks, water, and energy drinks for the road. Nuts, “no refrigeration needed” pouches of tuna, and wheat thins are in my snack bag for on the road. I am planning to pick up some Snicker’s Marathon bars as well. At only 210 calories and 13 grams of protein they will keep me satisfied and energized and won’t break the calorie bank.

     I have also taken the step of requesting a refrigerator in my room. That way I can keep cold water and fresh fruit easily available. I frequently eat whole wheat bagels with cream cheese or cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast. Lunch is often a wrap and soup. I know that the snack shop in our hotel has a mircowave oven available . I can keep these items in my room and heat what I need there at meal times. Packets of oatmeal would be great to keep on hand for snacking. That way only dinner will be subject to lack of planning or temptation.

     Those tempting dinners? I have already spent some time thinking about how to handle that. I have decided that I will stick to a grilled or broiled meat and the “veggie of the day” option wherever we go with the exception of a traditional stop at a German Resturant on the way home. I know my favorite foods there are sour kraut (relatively low in calorie) and schnitzel (a bit of a splurge). I will figure the calories and appropriate serving sizes ahead of time and eat only what I calculate fits into the day’s plan.

     Wish me success as I travel with girlfriends and make this trip a weight loss adventure. I will keep my eyes open for activities and foods that lead to success. Happy Weekend to all!

At least we aren't going on a cruise.


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