DeAnna Danced – Part Two Of DeAnna’s Recovery Story


     Many of you met my precious and courageous friend DeAnna in a previous blog entry entitled “Exercise Is For Everyone“. I am sure you were motivated by her determination and success as she recovered from a near fatal motorcycle injury that left her right leg shattered. The doctor’s thought she would never walk again, but in just a few months, with intense physical therapy and dogged determination she walked unassisted. Now DeAnna has graciously agreed to share the next segment of her story in order to inspire and encourage you. Below you will read the next chapter in her own words.

     So, after 3 months of intense physical therapy, I decided it was time to start harassing the doctor to let me move more.

     “DeAnna, ” he said, “Do you have any idea what kind of trauma you and your body have been through?”

     I replied as only I can, ” Of course I do. So when can I start doing more?” I think it was at that point he and my mother had a conversation about stubborness or something like that. He was preaching to the choir on that one. She knew…and she knew I would get my way…and she knew I would find a way.

     I started by sitting in a chair and punching…uppercuts, jabs, combos. Anything to raise my heart rate. Then I started doing seated abs..Then I started pushing the envelope a couple of weeks later by walking totally unassisted up and down the stairs. By then it was time for my next doctors appointmen and the harassment started again.

      Finally the said, “You are going to do this whether I tell you you can or not, so please..just dont try to run. Do anything else, just don’t do anything high impact”.

     That’s all I needed to hear. Six months after being in ICU with tubes and monitors hooked up everywhere, not knowing if I was going to keep my leg or my life for that matter, and being told I wouldn’t walk without assistance if I ever walked at all, I stepped back into my first Zumba class since the accident which was being taught by my beautiful friend Angel Chadwell. I stepped into to class to an ovation that I would never forget…And the doctors were right. I didn’t walk…I danced!

     Then a few months later, bad news. The bone isn’t growing, so we schedule a little day surgery to remove a screw in the rod in my knee to compress the bone. Six months later, that hadn’t worked and that’s when I was transferred to my surgeon who is truly one of the most gifted surgeons in the Mid-Atlantic region. He looked at my x-rays and what had been done so far, and said..”We have our work cut out for us but in the mean time keep doing what your doing”. He had no idea what I was doing, though, I’m sure.

     DeAnna’s recovery continues as does her determination! She inspires me to move past the petty pains of past injuries and aching feet. Her story keeps me mindful that our bounderies are created by our desires. We will only push as far as we chose to. For DeAnna, there are no excuses. She may not be able to change her cirucmstances but she can and does push both body and mind to reach new heights! Strenght is built through adversity and her strength is immense.

     In honor of DeAnna and her desire to be her best inspite of her circumstances I would like to share a video with you. This may serve you well personally or there may be someone you should pass it on to. It is a demonstration of how you can do cardio effectively even with lower dody limitations. As you run your miles, or dance your minutes, as you feel your body balk at the next sit up or tell you it’s too tired to lift that weight one more time, know that it’s wrong! You can push beyond physical boudndries. Create new records, find new personal bests, push forward.

     Precious DeAnna, thank you for the inspiration and know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to overcome! Mwah!

Athlete with no legs trains for 18th marathon. This is a great story!

Check out Achilles International. Making it their mission to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self esteem, and lower barriers to living a fufilling life.


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