Weigh In Wednesday – Share Your Successes


     Up until now we have focused primarily on the number on the scales or measuring tape for Weigh in Wednesday, but this week I want to challenge you to weigh in with thoughts or ideas. If you haven’t read the blog entry entitled A For Effort, do so now. If you have read it, but it’s been a while it might be time to read it again. A big piece of my success has been in putting more emphasis on my efforts, which I control than the results which I can’t control as closely. I can make sure I’m eating the right number of calories and exercising. I can’t guarantee day by day how that will affect the weigh-in numbers.

     There are two meanings to the term “weigh-in”. One is our traditional listing of weight on the scales, the other is a sharing of your thoughts on a subject. If you have weight or inches lost to report I encourage you to do so today. If not, please feel free to share other accomplishments. Tell me what efforts you put forth to reach your goals. For instance, I exercised even while vacationing this week and I chose low-calorie options to accompany a higher calorie main course at a rewards breakfast yesterday. The difference in low carb bread and tomato instead of pancakes and fried potatoes meant several hundred calories saved. I am as proud of these choices as of the weight on the scales. The weight on the scales this morning? 163.6 lbs which is 5.2 lbs down from last week and one lb up from the week before. The scales are not the only measure of my success. I count it a good week because the efforts have been on track, not because of the actual numbers. How was your week?

     Please share with me what you have done this week to help reach your 2012 goal. Make Weigh in Wednesdays about more than weight on the scales. Use this day to give yourself credit for the efforts you have made throughout the week.


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