Creating Change Artistically – Make Motivational Magnets


     I thought about calling my blog, “The Artist’s Approach to Weight Loss”. Why? My father once shared with me that projects and hobbies helped him lose weight. If he kept his hands and his mind both busy he was much less likely to mindlessly snack. If boredom leads you to eat, stay busy! If boredom causes you to distain your “diet” keep things intresting.  I took this advise to heart and it has been very useful. A big part of my weight loss success comes from refocusing my passionate nature to desire to create. I play in ways that help keep me motivated to move, eat well, and be healthy. Cooking creative new meals, trying new fitness routines (like bellydance, yoga, and zumba), and crafting motivational projects like the cravings collage all appeal to and appease the artist in me. Whether it’s aromaterapy use to inhance energy and decrease appetite, grocery shopping with an explorer’s eye, or virtual window shopping for the future figure, all of these things require and spark creativity in me and keep me from being in front of the tv reaching for a chip or a cookie.

     I was feeling creative today and also looking for a good way to make sure I am more consistent with my afirmations, so I decided to take on a fun and simple project. Today has been “Motivational Magnet” day. There are lots of different magnet crafts from the really simple printing of pics directly off the net onto magnet sheets to creating your own artwork on materials like pop tops or ceramic tiles and turning those mini masterpieces into magnets. Today I went with a mid range project using my computer printer, blank magnet sheets, and decorative embellishments.

     I really enjoy Pintrest, and get affirmations almost daily from my own Motivation to Move  and Affirmations and Motivations boards. I am also inspired by the pins of others. Today I gathered a few pics I had pinned and copied and pasted them into “Paint” for editing.  From there I began to make changes and embellishments. I added borders and took phrases I liked and added them to different pictures that really spoke to me personally. I then put the “magnet” images into groups of 4 or 5 and resized them using the “page set-up”. Next I simply entred the magnet sheets into the printer as I would paper and printed the pics.

     Once my sheets were printed I used household scissors to cut out the individual pics. Because I’m a crafter I had some simple embelishments laying around. I used some rinestones, beads, hot glue, and glitter to give my simple magnets  a little more glam. Now my fridge has some great reminders and I’ve spent an evening having fun with something besides food.

     I encourage you to make some motivational magnets today. Maybe your’s will be simple cut, paste, print versions. Maybe your’s will be much more elaborate than mine. You could paint your own tempting fruits and write your own creative mantras. Not a crafter? Are you a shopper? Find fun and motivational magnets in the Slimdown With Sandee Store. I look forward to seeing what everyone finds and creates.

Click here to download a sheet of my magnet images.

     Looking for other great images for magnets. Check out pintrest or use these.


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