Lose Weight Isn’t Just About Looking Great


     My friend Russ shared the above pic with me recently via Facebook and I loved what it says about health effects of losing weight. I wish it was a little more specific about how much weight loss creates the reduction in ill health effects listed, but it get across the point that losing weigh does much more for us than just help us look better in a great pair of jeans.

     According to Dr.Oz, losing just 10 lbs can make a big difference in overall health.  Losing  10 lbs may lower your cholesterol levels by as much as 10 points. It can also lower your blood pressure which helps protect kidneys and heart. It can reduce your heart attack risk by as much as 50%. Snoring and sleep apnea also improve.  Joint pain is improved with a 50% lower risk of osteoarthritis. Risk of diabetes is reduced by as much as 60% and the risk of many cancers decreases. Your sex drive increases and indents of sexual dysfunction may decrease by as much as 80%.

     Have just a few pounds left to lose or want to break your larger weight loss goal down into smaller mini-goals? Consider taking on the Dr. Oz  Just 10 Challenge. If you follow this blog daily you’ve already learned many of the steps that go along with the challenge. Follow the link to learn move tips and tricks from Dr. Oz.


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