Chia, My Pet


The "chia" makes the loveable animal look fuller but could help make you thinner.

     You remember the Christmas you were given the funny looking furless clay animal and were told it was a fun new way to grow indoor plants? Who knew those tiny little seed that you soaked in water until they became a strange jelly like mass were edible….and GOOD FOR YOU?

     Recently chia seeds are being reccomended by health care and weight loss professionals on a regular basis and with good reason. These little seeds are considered a nutritional powerhouse. They are an excellent source of fiber and provide a complete source of protein. They are high in omga 3 and full of antioxidents. By weight it has more calcium than milk. They can help you lose weight, reduce cravings, stabalize blood sugar, and increase energy. What’s not to love.

     The unique jelling action which causes them to swell makes them take up more space in the stomach and help you feel full longer. They have very little flavor so they can easily be added to foods like yogurt, smothies, soups, salads anc cereal, increasing their nutritional value without changing the flavor. They are a 50/50 source of soluble and insoluble fiber and help slow the body’s conversion of starches into sugar. This helps keep the blood sugar more consistent so you can avoid spikes and lows.

     I have decided to add a little chia seed to my daily diet and see if this gives the results promised. The most commonly reccomended amount is 1 tbsp. Dr Oz reccomends once a day added to your foods in it’s dry form. Unlike flax seed it doen’t need to be crused. Just sprinkle it whole over your dish of choice. If you prefer it can also be soaked in water (1:9 ratio). After it sits for 15 minutes or so it expands and become gel like and can be used in smoothies, soups, or as part of a spread mix to make the food feel like it goes further.

Click here to purchase Chia Seed.

     I don’t see this as a “diet miracle” but I could use the added fiber and am always anxious to take advantage of ways to keep my blood sugar levels consistent in order to avoid hunger.

     If you would like to try Chia Seed it is available in your Slimdown With Sandee Store or at most local health food stores. Ch-ch-ch-Chia!

Here Dr. Oz mentions Chia Seed briefly when discussing supliments we should be taking.

Click here for a recipe for Chia Seed Muffins as seen on Oprah.

Click for Chia Seed Recipes From Shape Magazine.


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