Weigh In Wednesday – What Will It Feel Like To Reach Your Goal?


     11 weeks ago I started the year full of enthusiasm. Each weigh in showed success. I love watching the numbers go down. As I knew would happen, eventually the weight loss has become slower. I dread the weigh ins a little now. Especially this one week each month. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s about so much more than the numbers on the scale…and it is. The jeans continue to fit loser. As precious Becky reminded us last week the tape measure can show clear progress where the scales may not. New habbits like less frequent purchases from the bakery and daily exercise show progress. My life is changing.

     As time marches on there are more days, I admit, where I feel like cheating on my diet. There are more frequent temptations to just be pleased with the progress thus far and go into maintenance mode rather than journey on to the goal weight. “I could put it off for a while. I can lose it later.” 

Pinned Image

      Then I remember what I would be missing. The even healthier me with more energy and vitality lies on the other side of this goal.  Earlier this week a stranger saw my picture and said to my sister-in-law, “She’s hot.”  Hee hee hee. An even hotter me sits on the other side. I want to see her. I want to be her. My sense of accomplishment will be huge when I’ve done what I’ve set out to do. It’s so important, especially in these times where the scales move slowly, to keep my eye on the goal.

    In this weird in-between place, a couple of months out from the excitement of the beginning of the journey and still many months away from completion, I thought a little reminder would be healthy for me, and for you too.  I want you to think about how great it will feel to reach our goals. In order to be successful we have to stay mindful of how very worth it this is! So I have found and am sharing with you a video of a gal successfully reaching her goal weight. Below is her “winning weigh in”. Look at her joy! Look at her confidence and excitement! I hope you will find Jess’ enthusiasm over reaching her goal as contagious as I did. I want that!  I want to wake up on 01/01/2013 knowing I DID IT! You, too?


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