Low Carb For Better Cholesterol?


     I had a great check-up Monday. I told you in a recent post that I had changed doctors. My initial “get acquainted” visit went well and I decided I liked his “every patient is different” approach to health care.  Today I returned to his office for results of blood tests and a complete physical.

      The test results were very encouraging.  They confirmed further some positive changes I had already seen from the weight loss and lifestyle changes. My blood sugar is excellent as is my blood pressure. My cholesterol is no longer considered high. My vitamin D was just a tad lower than I would like and we are adding more D back to my daily regimen. In addition to these things weight loss has also reversed my PCOS and I no longer suffer from acid reflux.  The doctor congratulated me on the positive changes.

     Though the cholesterol is no longer considered to be at unhealthy levels, it is at “high normal”. Being proactive about my health, I asked the doctor what he would recommend for me to improve those numbers even further and he said “A low carb diet.” Low carb? I knew low carb was good for better blood sugar but I had always heard low-fat emphasised for better cholesterol. A WebMd article entitled “Low Carb Diet’s Improve Cholesterol Long Term” confirmed what he was saying.  The science is suggesting that low carb living, when done the right way, is as effective as low-fat diets for reducing “bad cholesterol” and more effective for improving “good cholesterol”.

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     I then asked my doctor which approach to low carb living he thought was best? Though I don’t plan to go on a “diet” I wanted to know where to find the best information on a balanced low carb lifestyle. Not everyone does “low carb” the same.  He told me South Beach Diet was a good approach because it takes calories/portion size into account as well as carbs.

     He was the second doctor to recommend South Beach Diet. I have never read the book, but now I plan to. I believe that empty carbs – white breads, processed sugars and such are detrimental to ones health. I also strongly believe in the science behind a calorie conscious approach to weight loss.

     “No matter how low carb you go, if you are consuming 5000 calories a day you aren’t going to lose weight,” my doctor commented.

     “Fat needs to be taken into account, too.” I added. “Folks who hear “low carb” and go on the “bacon and sausage diet” ruin their health.”  The doctor nodded in agreement.

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     If you have blood sugar issues, cholesterol problems, or are just looking for a healthy way to lose weight rather quickly, low carb options might be for you. However, don’t begin until you educate yourself. Doing the “grapefruit diet” long-term or trying to live in Stage 1 of an Atkins plan indefinitely will frustrate you and impact your overall health in some negative and potentially dangerous ways.  Don’t ever use an approach that fails to include good nutrition with a multitude of healthy vitamin rich options. Looking to learn more? Perhaps you would like to join me in exploring the South Beach Diet’s information. Know however, that my doctor and I agree that there is no one right plan for losing weight and being healthy. You must know and begin to understand your own body, health, and lifestyle and make choices that are right for you. Wish me luck as I begin to further educated myself on lower carb living and decide just how it all works into my plan.

Click on the picture above for the recipe for this delicious phase 1 breakfast item.


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