Wellness Buddy To The Rescue


     I’m so grateful for my “wellness buddy” and hubby, Tony. I love the way he encourages me and helps me stay balanced in my weight loss approach. Whenever he sees me leaning too far one direction or the other he discusses with me his observations. Having an accountabilty partner is very valuable.

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     At dinner time yesterday I still had over 800 calories left to use. I’ve been very good this week with both calorie consumption and exercise. I was feeling ready for a treat at the end of a long successful week. As I stood in the grocery store weighing my options Tony noticed me looking long and hard at a Totino’s Pizza box. He’s know me a long time and knows me well. He knew I was contemplating making one of these (740 calories) my dinner. He also knew I was feeling conflicted about this option. 

     “Is that what you really want?” he asked.

     “I don’t know. It’s 370 calories for 1/2. That’s a lot of calories.”

     “And it’s a lot of empty calories. It isn’t all about the calories either, is it?  There’s a lot of grease, fat, and empty carbs in that. You will feel guilty and icky afterward and end up wanting to hide the box at the bottom of the trash can.”

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     Bottom of the trash can, he’s been reading my blog…and he was right. My focus isn’t just calories or weight loss. I want to be a healthier self, and though I believe in occasional treats, this wouldn’t have been a choice I would be happy with in the end. Variety and proper food combinations play a big part in leaving me satisfied and a frozen pizza doesn’t offer that. In addition I have mentioned that after a meal like that I struggle with digestion issues, cravings, bloating from all of the sodium, energy deficits, and guilt for eating something I know does all of these things to my body.

     So Tony began to ask me questions to help me figure out a good “treat” meal that would leave me satisfied and feeling good. Was I looking for something sweet? What attracted me to the pizza? Were there other kinds of food that I loved that might me more healthful and just as fun? Maybe a Chinese meal with lots of veggies and little sauce, maybe a steak with some well seasoned veggies.

     With a little encouragement I got very excited about a healthful date night dinner with my hubby. We split a steak and salmon meal with fresh broccoli. I added about a tablespoon of bleu cheese to my half of the steak to make it a little extra special.  It was delicious! I hadn’t used any of my “Get Out Of Diet Guilt Free” cards yet this week so I chose to use one for a single serving (2 of the 7 wedges) of Fried Pepper Jack Cheese. Dinner was followed up with a great cup of hot decaf coffee. I was very satisfied and guilt free. Thank you hubby for helping me!

Occasional Indulgences can keep you from becoming frustrated with your healthy eating plan. Find out how printing a handful of these cards could keep you on track.

     In those moment when we are looking for a special treat, why do we so often gravitate toward the junkiest of the things we’ve left behind? Next time you are tempted to make a meal on unhealthy foods (like my frozen pizza which would have taken 2 of my 3 cheat cards) maybe these tips will be helpful to you.

1. Stop and consider how you will feel both physically and emotionally after the meal.

2. Why is this the food you are considering? Will something else meet the need just as well.

3. Do you really want this “junk food” or are you just rebelling against a sense of restriction?

4. Is there some aspect of the food that you want that can be achieved in a healthier way? Looking for something sweet. Instead of the ice cream cone maybe a single square of dark chocolate will meet the craving. Looking at the pizza, maybe whole wheat cheese toast with tomato soup would give you the same “comfort food” fix.

5. Really feel the need to have this particular indulgence? Consider sharing with a friend or only preparing half. Half a splurge might fill your need without as much damage to your “diet”.

6. Are you using your “Get Out Of Diet Guilt Free Cards”. Make sure you are only cheating by one serving per card. I contemplated a buttered roll, more cheese sticks, and ice cream. Remembering that I had commited to a limited number of “indulgences” each week helped keep me focused.

7. Keep your “Wellness Buddy” (see Time To Recruit) near by or on speed dial. When you are in one of those moments where you feel yourself wrestling with a food or fitness choice, this is the person who has promised to help keep you honest. Use your resources.

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