Weigh In Wednesday – Water Weight


     For week 12 I’m happy to be reporting in at 162 l bs – 70 lbs down from the origional weight and 17.2 lb down this year to date. I’m 1.4 lbs down from last week. This after several weeks of scales that barely seemed to budge or going the wrong direction. Though the progress is slow I am on track to reach my goal.

     As we go into this week’s weigh-in I want to take the opportunity to address a  frequent frustration for scale watchers – “water weight gain”, also know as edema. Though we think of this as a female issue because it is commonly associated with hormonal changes in relation to the menstrual cycle, water weight gain can affect the number on the scales for many reasons. Even high sodium intake may cause the body to retain several pounds of fluid.

     I have had ladies ask me if a fluctuation of as much as 8 pounds could be fluid retention. In a recent episode of “The Doctors” Dr Lisa Masterson said a woman may retain as much as 2 gallons of water during her cycle, thus as much as 16 lbs.  She suggested reducing the intake of salty foods during this time to help prevent the bloating. She also added that drinking coconut milk may help flush excess salt from the body, and fiber attracts fluid, so a high fiber diet will help pull additional water weight from the body. Her fellow doctors went on to warn against failing to hydrate. Getting enough water is necessary in order to get the salts flushed out of the body and if proper hydration doesn’t happen the body will continue to hold onto excess fluids. Although it may seem counter productive, drinking plenty of water is a highly effective way of reducing your body’s tendancy to retain fluid.

     So if you see an unexplained raise in weight at the beginning of a cycle or following a session of high sodium foods, don’t fret or get discouraged. Hydrate!


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