Making Good Choices At The Chinese Buffet

     Before our weight loss journey began a favorite “date night” activity for my hubby and I was to catch dinner at a favorite Chinese food fuffet. Since the restaurant is independently owned I had no idea what the calorie counts were for my favorite dishes. One of the advantages of chain restaurants is that you can usually get nutritional information with ease online. I try to avoid eating what I can’t count, so the Chinese buffet has been off the list of approved eating spots. I found a great article in a recent issue of the January 2012 issue of Shape magazine that helped me get a general idea of calorie counts for some of the foods frequently served at Chinese restaurants. Now I feel that I could go back and make some healthy low-cal choices. Information is power. I wanted to share in case any of you are missing your favorite Chinese dishes. Not only does this discuss the calories in some favorites, but also lists some suggestions for lower calorie options to choose if your “usual” isn’t weight loss friendly. Click on the article picture below to read a larger print copy of the information. Hope this info is as helpful to you as it was to me. A big thank you to Shape magazine for sharing.

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