Raspberry Ketone – Dr Oz Calls It “Miracle Fat-Burner In A Bottle”

     When Dr Oz goes so far as to call something a “miracle in a bottle”, I can’t help but take notice. Since the above segment aired bottles of Raspberry Ketone are flying off shelves, market prices have almost doubled, and it is being perceived as the next thing to “magic”. If you haven’t watched the above video, please take a moment to do so.

     Raspberry Ketone is considered to be a safe and natural compound taken from the raspberry fruit and has no known side effects. It is reported to boost metabolism and help fat break up more effectively. It essentially sends your body signals that cause it to behave like that of a thin person. Consuming 100 – 200 mg a day should boost your body’s fat burning ability,  jump starting your weight loss or getting you through a plateau. I started taking this supplement yesterday, thus I haven’t had time to evaluate personal benefits, but I will not let adding this be an excuse to do less of the other things that help me lose weight, be healthier, and more energetic. If it enhances my progress, great!

     I am all about making health changes rather than looking for quick fixes. The real weight loss “miracle” in my opinion is healthier living. Eat better and move more and you will feel better and look better. That said, I believe using natural supplements has been very beneficial for me. I take vitamin D and Omega 3 already and am certain that they have helped with my overall better health, higher energy, and weight loss. The addition of Raspberry Ketone might be helpful as well. If it does in fact, as research suggests, stimulate the body’s production of adiponectin, it will improve my body’s sensitivity to insulin and will promote weight loss. As someone who has suffered from insulin resistance, the idea of a supplement that helps my body sense the insulin properly is very exciting.

     Not everyone is as encouraged about Raspberry Ketone as Dr. Oz, however. A recent Huffingtion Post article points out that to date all of the official research suggesting these weight loss benefits has been preformed on mice. With no human studies to reference it’s impossible to be certain if these effects would be this dramatic in the human population.

     My hubby was also not as excited as I was when listening to the above clip. His argument was that the supplement may be derived from nature but the concentration is certainly unnaturally high. If a dosage is equal to that found in 90 lbs of raspberries, this is not a natural application. It’s worth considering. Will my body be hampered in some unknown way by these freakishly large dose of the Raspberry’s Ketones?

     As you view the above clip, note too that the women given as examples are under the care of a weight loss professional. They are dieting and exercising in addition to taking this supplement. One is even pictured with her weights in hand. No one is claiming that Raspberry Ketone alone will solve your body issues. It is merely suggested to be included as part of a weight loss program. This segment is one of a series, suggesting ways to support your weight loss efforts with the right supplements. Noting that this is one of several suggestions rather than a full plan is important.

     If you are interested in trying raspberry Ketone, you can get yours in the Slimdown With Sandee Store or at your local health food store. However, don’t view these little pills as an answer to the weight problem. They are merely a tool. Nothing substitutes for a healthy lifestyle full of delicious healthy foods in the proper amounts and invigorating exercise. Also, a reminder – I am not your mama, your doctor, or your trainer. This is not medical advice. I have yet to really form my own opinion on this substance and am merely sharing information.


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