Give It 20

     One of the most important things I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that my body can learn to do so much more than I thought it could. I am not very coordinated and was not really involved in athletics growing up, even casually. For most of my life I have shied away from activities that seemed to require coordination or “skill”. I am so glad to say that those days are behind me.

     A couple of my current favorite fitness activities are things that I would have told you I simply couldn’t do –   Zumba dance and Hula Hooping. When I took my first Zumba class I felt completely lost and had serious trouble translating what I was seeing into movements my body could duplicate. Hula Hooping I had tried several times over the years only to quickly give up because after two or three attempts over about that same number of minutes I felt incompetent. I like Zumba so much now that my daughter and I have even taken Zumba centered vacations. I find my self anxious to Hula Hoop almost every evening while watching TV. I’ve done it so much, in fact, that I wore out my first “department store” hoop in less than a week, prompting my fab hubby to make me a custom fitness quality hoop that will allow me to really work my core.

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     If I hadn’t dedicated this minimum amount of time to learning these fun little skills I would have gone on thinking that I couldn’t do these awesome activities. Now I have great new hobbies that are really enjoyable ways to get in my exercise.

     Now I know that I can learn almost anything if I ask questions, break down movements, and repeat the same actions over and over. My new rule for myself is to give everything I try at least 20 minutes of my time. With 20 minutes dedicated to hula hooping I was doing pretty well, much better than I would ever have imagined. With 20 minutes dedicated to learning a salsa  or cumbia step I was pretty comfortable taking it on in the next class.

          I encourage you to try new things. Maybe like me you will add a new little fitness adventure to each week. When trying don’t give up easily. Dedicate some time to really trying things out. You might just find new loves along the way.


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