Weigh-In Wednesday – Celebrating Stephanie’s Success

     Meet Stephanie Perdue Williams, she began her weight loss journey just 2 months ago and is already a weight loss success! On February 1st she weighed 225 pounds and as of the time the second picture was taken on March 30th she had already lost 28 pounds, putting her at 197 for last weeks weigh-in. She has also lost 12 inches in the past two weeks. Summer clothes here she comes!

     Stephanie’s weight battle began at age 18 around the time she was diagnosed with PCOS. With doctor’s warning her that weight loss would become progressively harder she felt little motivation to try to stay ahead of the gain. The gain continued.

     Eventually though, Stephanie began to fear the effects the extra weight would have on her overall health and became more and more dissatisfied with what she was seeing in the mirror. Adult onset diabetes runs in Stephanie’s family. Her mother, brother, and grandfather are all sufferers. Insulin resistance is usually present in those diagnosed with PCOS so Stephanie was at high risk for diabetes. Her cholesterol numbers weren’t looking good either, so Stephanie made the decision to drastically change her lifestyle.

     Stephanie, who didn’t like to cook, is now leaving off the fast food. She began to focus on fixing meals that include lean protein, low-fat dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables. She gave up “simple carbs” and “junk food”. No bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, chips and ice cream for this health conscious girl. She also stays away from fried foods and foods with heavy cream sauces and the like.

     For exercise Stephanie walks every day and has recently added Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred video every other day. She credits it with the additional inches lost. It’s a challenging workout, but very effective.

     Stephanie says she doesn’t miss the old way of living. “I feel amazing and never in my life have I wanted anything to so much. I sleep better, I have more energy and I’m starting to look in the mirror and like what I see – ME. I’ve gone  from a size 20W to just yesterday fitting into my first pair of size 14 shorts (although tight, they buttoned) 🙂 It’s just nice to know that PCOS doesn’t have control over me…I have control over ME!”

     I am so proud of Stephanie! She made the decision to change her life and her weight and then she has followed through. If Stephanie and I can lose the weight, so can you! Lets move, eat healthy foods and feel great together!

     As for my progress report this week, I’ve finally reached 160 lbs! I get to post a new ittle “vitual me” on my chart and feel great about the progress in the right direction. Hope everyone else has a happy Weigh-In Wednesday!

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation kristihendricks


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