Looking For A Faster Calorie Burn? Pull Out The Rope!


     My sweet hubby, knowing that I enjoy trying fun new ways to work out, bought me a fantastic toy last week. It’s a digital jump rope. I had been threatening to jump rope and had even purchased a kiddy version at the dollar store, then quickly realized it was simply too short. He knows I love to have numbers to record so I can accurately judge my performance and progress, so he splurged and bought this extra nice rope for me.

     The Thrive rope is great! It has a digital counter that keeps up with my number of jumps, minutes of exercise, and calories burned. The length of the rope is adjustable and it can even be used without the rope by putting weights in its place if you are in an area where you simply don’t have enough room for real rope jumping.

     I have an old ankle injury and I do feel it after 30 or so jumps, but it’s temporary pain.  In order to protect my ankle and other joints I make a point to stay high on my toes and avoid landing on my heels. The next day everything feels normal so I don’t appear to be causing re-injury. When the weight was higher I simply couldn’t jump or bounce without causing real problems for the ankle. This is another great benefit of the weight loss.  

     Celebrities like Fergie, Katie Hudson, and Eva Mendez swear by jumping rope to stay fit, and there are good reasons why. It’s considered to be one of the best cardio workouts there is, burning 15-20 calories a minute. You would have to run at a pace equivalent to 6 miles per hour to get the same calorie burn from running.

Jumping rope for 10 minutes at 120 RPM (12o jumps per minute) produces the same cardiovascular fitness as the following activities:

Activity / Time
Cycling: 2 miles in 6 minutes
Handball: 20 minutes
Jogging: 30 minutes at a moderate pace
Running: 1 mile in 10 minutes
Swimming: 720 yards in 12 minutes
Tennis: 90 minutes (singles)

(This information is from healthytimesblog)

    So, if you’re looking for a fitness adventure this week, a way to spend 20 minutes or so playing with something new, consider jumping rope. The next time you go over your goal by 100 calories, just pull out the rope and quickly burn those babies off!

Purchase your digital jump rope in the Slimdown with Sandee Store.


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