Weight In Wednesday – Willing To Do Whatever It Takes?


     During the Stepping Stones post this week I outlined what I had done to insure 2 pounds of weight loss. My calories were in line and I put in the exercise. The combination of calories under maintenance and calories burned during exercise were 7000. With 3500 needed to lose 1 pound this should have meant around 2 pounds of loss this week. I didn’t do anything to hinder this since. In fact, I’ve put in an additional eight miles since then. I’m eating well and taking the supplements that are supposed to support my healthy weight loss. What did the scales show this morning? I have lost 1 pound.

     There are many factors that affect these numbers, as we have previously discusses. Sodium, hormones, and other factors may be at play but the real reason I’m addressing this “earned” versus seen weight loss is to ask this question. Am I, are you, willing to do whatever it takes to lose the weight? If I have to work twice as hard to lose a pound am I going to cry “UNFAIR” or am I going to buckle down and work for it? I’m willing to do the work! How about you? If you are frustrated because you’ve earned a pound of loss this week that you aren’t seeing on the scales and you haven’t seen the kind of loss you’d like for a few weeks are you ready to up your game? Here’s to working smarter, working harder, achieving more!

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