Tennis Ball Play, Anyone?

     In the spirit of “summer play” that has been inspiring my “fitness adventures” these days I decided to try’s Get Fit With A Tennis Ball exercise ideas. Follow the link to check out this fun little workout for yourself. I had a blast when I did it. I hope you will have as much fun “playing” as I did.

     I knew we had tennis balls lying around the house and the exercises looked like fun. With everything from a simplified version of “handball” to exercises for my tired tootsies, what’s to lose? These moves were designed by Ramona Braganza, top trainer to Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and other A-listers, so they should really get results.

     The flatten your belly move sounded like a cake walk but there was a little sweat going on after 3 sets of 15. I love ab exercises. I’m not sure this is an improvement on what I’m already doing but it was a fun little way to change up the mix. The description says to lay back and then raise your torso and legs to a V.  The picture has her sitting almost completely up in a V formation. I couldn’t pull off quite the level of balance in the pic, but I hope to reach that fitness level eventually. Maybe this is an indication I need to try out pilates again.

     The handball game looked more like some strange version of a game of fetch, when I started. I did run, though, so that accounts for some calories burned. With a little practice, it got better and was the most fun part of the workout. So much fun in fact that I didn’t want to stop. It had been a very rough day and handball was a great way to work off some stress.

     The thigh toning move was the worst, but so much so that I know it must have worked. Those squats will pay off I’m sure. My regular exercise routine could probably use more squats.

     Ending with the little foot roll was great. It was like a mini-massage for my tired toes and feet. What a great way to finish. I might just keep a tennis ball under my desk from now on for the daily foot massage. What a treat would that be?



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