Weigh In Wednesday – Jessica’s Story

     Happy Weigh-In Wednesday everyone! I am excited to announce that I have lost an additonal 2.2 pounds this week. That puts my total weight loss at  75 pounds and just over 20 pounds lost since January 1st of this year. I now have just 22 pounds left to reach my goal weight. As I work toward my goal I am inspired and encouraged by the success I see around me. Today I would like to share with you one such success story.

The above is a before (December 2011) and now (April 2012) picture of my precious friend Jessica Scheffler, a first time mom with a new baby who has lost 49 pounds so far this year. That’s over 10 pounds a month! That’s a huge accomplishment and I am so proud and impressed! I asked Jessica to share with us how she lost the weight and this is what she told me.

  “I was starting out at 274lbs after I had a baby in June of last summer. I always felt bad and never wanted to do anything. Something had to change. Now that I have a baby I knew that soon she would be crawling and I would be the one chasing after her.”

     “I started out slow. I pretty much stopped drinking pop. If I did have pop it was can of diet caffeine free. I drink no more than a can or two a day. NO sweets and no grease. I started using cooking spray instead of lard or oil. I also started walking a lot with my daughter Katelyn in the stroller.”

     I noticed on Jessica’s facebook page that when friends asked for weight loss advice she suggested eating right, getting plenty of exercise, and drinking plenty of water. These really are the key ingredients to success!

     Jessica is so inspired by her better health and greater energy that even though she is only 25 pounds away from her original weight goal, she plans to keep losing weight and getting healthier even after celebrating that accomplishment. Way to go, Jessica!

    Thanks so much Jessica for sharing your story. This is a great example of how making a few changes and being dilligent with them can pay off in big weight loss results. A huge congratulations to Jessica on her ongoing weight loss! I can’t wait to help celebrate all of her futute successes!


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