Weigh-In and Make A Difference

      If the scales aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like though you are watching what you eat, you might consider upping the exercise. 

      In a previous post “Move Me” we disscussed how supporting a cause through our physical efforts can encourage us to move more and lose weight faster. Whether you have walked to raise money for breast cancer research, Zumba’d for M.S. awareness, or ran in a local 5k to help stock the shelves of a local food pantry you likely already know how motivational helping a great cause can be in getting you going.

     Bumble Bee Tuna is now offering you the opportunity to raise funds for your choice of great causes even if you are moving in your own home.  Join Beewell For Life and when you log the miles you rack up running, walking, or biking Bumble Bee will contribute to the Diabetes Association, The National Breast Cancer Orginization, or The National Coalition For Women With Heart Disease . You earn 3 points for every mile and Bumble Bee donates 10 cents for every point. Want more ways to contibute? Log your calories consumed or complete daily health challenges like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

     Since part of my motivation to lose weight was my determination not to let my diagnosis of insulin resistance turn into type two diabetes, I have chosen to log miles in support of the Diabetes Association. It feels good to know that 30 cents will be donated for every mile I walk or run!

     While you’re on facebook each week reporting your weigh-in numbers to the Slimdown With Sandee Group, you can also report miles you’ve moved through the beewell for life program application and support great causes. Sign up today to make your miles count.

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