Eat Better America


     You and I aren’t alone in wanting healthier lives for ourselves and our families. More and more families are looking at the state of their health and weight and becoming disillusioned with their traditional american diets. Some of the larger food companies are really beginning to take notice and are working to reach out to the increasingly health conscious consumer. Among those companies  is General Mills.  With favorite brands such as Green Giant, Muir Glen, Cheerios, Yoplait, and Canadian Farms  in their product line General Mills is a household name and makes products that many of us already love and trust. Now they are going one step further in developing a web community targeted at our growing health interest – Eat Better America. Here General Mills own experts from Bell Institutes of Health are partnering with experts from Men’s Health, Prevention, Runner’s World and Rodale to bring consumers easy to understand health and nutrition information, delicious “healthified” recipes, and even added savings on healthy options.  Visit to check it out for yourself. Don’t forget to print your money-saving coupons and maybe a new healthy recipe or two. Sign up for their newsletter to get info and savings delivered directly to your in-box.

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