Weigh In Wednesday – Ups and Downs

         I weighed in this morning and found the couple of days without diligence was unkind to my form. My weight is up 3 pounds and though I know much of that is water weight from increased sodium and time of the month it was confirmation that  a smaller brake would suffice. Instead of the week without documenting exercise and food intake two days did the trick. I slept plenty, ate more than usual but primarily healthy foods (with the exception of an ice cream cone and Chinese buffet). After a less structured Sunday and Monday I was much better and in need of the rejuvenating exercise my body now craves!

     So May 1st, I was back on task. I did 3 miles and toning yesterday. Today I will continue and though there were no official stepping-stones this week plan to complete the goals that were set the week before. Hopefully next week will show me back down to at least last weeks weight. Happy weigh-in.


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