Who is Amy?


      In a previous blog entry I shared that I had fallen in love with a couple of delicious food items from a company called Amy’s. Their Spinach Feta Pockets are always in my freezer and their Minestrone frequents my pantry shelf but doesn’t stay long before being consumed. I discovered Amy’s brand while  searching for options to serve a vegetarian friend. I was planning a soup and salad lunch and asked the experts at Annie Kay’s Health Food Store to direct me toward vegetarian friendly options. Amy’s was the quick first recommendation. I was excited to find out that in addition to being completely vegetarian and peanut free, Amy’s also offered options for my friends who live completely vegan, gluten-free and tree nut free. Since we dine with folks with each of these diatiary needs, that made an impression on me.

     Last week I posted a copy of Dr Oz’s Shopping List For Dieters and announced that I would begin trying and reviewing his recommenations. While I was going over the list, chosing what to try first, I made an interesting discovery. Apparently Dr Oz is also an Amy’s fan! 5 out of the first 33 foods on the list of 99 are Amy’s products. Considering that there are thousands of product lines boasting “healthy option” that’s impressive. This lead me to ask the question, what makes Amy’s so special? I already know they make some tasty products with certain special dietary needs in mind but why should the health concious weight loss minded consumer be looking to Amy’s?

     First I found that all of Amy‘s products are natural and organic peanut-free vegetarian dishes. The reason Amy‘s food taste so delicious and homemade is because that is the premise behind them. The recipes are based on real family favorites.  There are no additives or preservatives, no MSG, no genetically modified foods and no trans fats.  The items are hand-made with natural ingredients. 

     “Amy” is the daughter of the company’s founders. Upon her birth in 1987  these new parents found that it was difficult to find time to cook the healthy meals they were use to and wanted for their child. Knowing others must have the same dilemma, they set out to create a brand that would meet the needs and expectations of families just like their own. Mom (Rachel) was born and raised in a family that began growing and eating organic foods in the 1950’s, long before this was a popular concept. Dad (Andy) was the president of Magic Mountain Herb Tea, the first herbal tea company to be widely distributed in supermarkets. Their backgrounds prepared them for this huge undertaking which is now blessing the lives of so many. For more on Amy’s beginnings visit The Family section of Amy’s website.

     In addition to the previously mentioned special diet needs Amy’s addresses, they also make some products that are lactose free, dairy free, corn free, soy free, no cholesterol, low-fat, certified kosher, and light in sodium. So Amy’s has something for everyone.

     Amy’s also has a larger product line offering everything from home-style Asian, Indian, Mexican and Italian inspired dishes. You will find everything from pizza and wraps to entrees, soups, and pot pies. There are even meals especially designed for the kids or kid at heart. The newest addition is a Light and Lean line of foods, each under 300 calories and 5 grams of fat. A BIG thanks to Amy’s for keeping the “dieter” in mind!

     Visit Amy’s website to find out more about their delicious offerings, get healthy recipes, and so much more!


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