Naturally Thin?

     Is your fit friend naturally thin? You migh be suprised! People who struggle to stay below 150 don’t usually share that struggle with friends who top out over the 200 mark. What can we learn from the “not so naturally” thin and their struggles andd successes?

     Regular readers will be familiar with my lifelong best friend Vicki, and my perception of her as the “naturally thin one” thoughout our 37 year relationship. Last week in her own blog, “The Pondered Path”, Vicki shared the story of her not so effortless thinness. Enjoy her insights above.

The Pondered Path . . . .

Hi.  My name is Vicki, and I am Sandra’s “naturally thin” friend. 

[Please insert much laughter here along with some eye rolls.]

Sandra and I have been friends for close to 37 years.  Since I knew what friendship was, she has been there.  We have shared so many good times and some terribly hard times, we have loved each other, and on occasion have accidentally hurt each other.  But no matter what, always we are there for each other.  It is with this tremendous history that surprisingly Sandra and I have recently come to know that some of our perceptions of each other have been a bit off; in particular, the “naturally” thin part. 

From very early on in my childhood – my father encouraged me to play outside, often accompanying me on some sort of turtle hunt or throwing a ball for me to catch.  This early stimulus grew…

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