Weigh In Wednesday – Recap Of Weigh-In Tips

     Weigh in’s! Love ‘em or hate  ‘em they are part of the weight loss process for most of us. I’m choosing to be optimistic. Woo Hoo! Weigh in Wednesday!

     Why Wednesday? Didn’t the new year begin on Sunday? Shouldn’t weigh in’s be each week starting from 1st? They could be and may be for you. That’s fine. Whatever works best in your life will be great! 

          I’ve decided to do weigh in’s on Wednesday for several reasons. Reason 1 – So I remember. I like the alliteration  Weigh in Wednesday. It makes it memorable and as I age I can use all the help I can get. Reason 2 – I began working toward additional weight loss on the 1st but based on the actions steps I was using I didn’t begin journaling my food intake and exercise until Tuesday the 3rd. Doing a Wednesday Weigh allows me to look back on an entire week of behaviors and evaluate the efforts and results. Reason 3 – Because of our family’s lifestyle the day of the week I am most likely to eat a little recklessly, taking in more sodium, larger meals, or “heavier foods” is Sunday. I don’t want my weigh in to be following the weekend because I think this would be a less acurate reflection of my progress.   Good reasons, huh?

     Yesterday, we spoke about not relying on the number on the scale as the primary measure of your progress. If you haven’t read “A For Effort“, please do so before proceeding to weigh. 

     Here are a few additional tips I wanted to add as we go into the “Official” weigh in.

Pointers for Weigh-Ins

1. Weigh at the same time of day.

The fluctuation in morning to evening weight can be as much as 5 lbs. The best time to weigh is in the morning, after your first visit to the restroom and before breakfast.

2. Weigh on the same scales.

Scales aren’t always precise. Similar scales may vary by a few pounds and inexpensive scales are much less accurate. Weighing on different scales can give you a misleading view of your progress.

3. Weigh in the nude or wearing the same clothing.

Clothing brings weight with it. If I weigh in a bathing suit one day and in my hiking boots and jeans the next, those weights are going to be quite different. Weigh yourself, not your outfits.


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