Treat Yourself To A Glossy New Read


     I love magazines! In them I find a wealth of information, tips and tricks, recipes, coupons, giveaways, and special offers. I learn about new products and get inspired by the stories of others. I love looking at the vibrant glossy pictures, many of which motivate me to some type of action. There are copies of Self, Shape, Vegetarian Times, Runners World, Muscle and Fitness, Prevention, and even Family Circle all at my desk. Some are dog-eared or bookmarked with information I need to make note of or research more. Some have missing pages where I’ve used pictures to create a cravings collage or motivation to move poster. Many of the ideas and information I share here originate from the monthly periodicals that I collect and consume.

     I was thrilled this week when my Mother-In-Law sent me a surprise – a new copy of Healthy Cooking. It’s a fantastic collection of recipes and health information compiled by the editors of Taste of Home. In my less healthy days I was a subscriber to Taste of Home and collected many calorie laden carb heavy recipes from its pages. They were delicious ….and helped me pack on the pounds. As I was thinking about how much time I use to spend in the pages of the less healthy mother magazine I was reminded again of how much truth there is to the concept “what we behold is what we become”.

     I want you to take a moment and think about what you are reading and watching. If you are reading this blog it is likely you are interested in losing weight and/or living a healthy lifestyle. If those are your goals be careful in choosing what your eyes behold. Are you still watching cooking shows that tempt you to eat and entertain the old way – the way that got you to the poundage you have today? Are you “pinning” or printing recipes for decadent desserts? Are you reading magazines and cookbooks that tempt you to eat in ways that aren’t healthy for you? If you focus on unhealthy foods or behaviors you will gravitate toward those and be frequently tempted to persue them. You choose what you view. Choose wisely.

a cup of coffee on the magazine no36361

     Today I want you to take some ME time. I want you to set aside a couple of hours and treat yourself. Consider going to a local bookstore/coffee shop combo, ordering a large cup of your favorite zero-calorie tea or coffee beverage and browsing the magazine aisles. Look for something new to take home with you. Browse lots of options. Look at fitness magazines, organic gardening, healthy cooking, active lifestyle – anything that will have motivations and information for a healthy lifestyle. Look through many, bring home at least one.

     Want more bang for the buck or on a tight budget? It’s yard sale season. Hit some yard sales or thrift shops. You can sometimes buy entire boxes of magazines for a couple of dollars. Take them home and brew a comforting beverage. Get cozy and browse away.

     I want you to really devour your finds. Take in the pictures. Read whatever catches your eye. Cut out things that appeal to you. If a picture of a body makes you think, “I want to look like that!” cut it out, pin it up in your workout space or gym locker, and use it as motivation to work hard. Have a thought on a new piece of information? Write in the margins so you can remind yourself later. See a recipe for a healthy meal? Tear it out and tuck it in the front of your favorite recipe book or start a binder for new, better-for-you recipes! See a tip that you want to try? Book mark the page so you can easily get back to the details. You will be amazed by how much excitement one issue of the right magazine can bring. Surround yourself with things that inspire you to be better, not things that tempt you to stay in or return to the old ways. Create new comforts, joys, and hobbys. Behold what you wish to be!

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