Should I have had a V8?

     In my attempt to try all of the items on Dr Oz’s Shopping List For Dieter’s I decided to start with the Low Sodium V8 juice. V8 is a familar product and is listed as a regular part of the phase one South Beach Diet menu. Having just read the book, that reccomendation was also fresh in my mind. I like the flavor of regular V8, which I’ve had sporatically since childhood. Both regular and low sodium varieties are low in calories and fit easily into my menu. What’s to lose?

     Let me begin by saying that in the multitude of health problems I’ve dealth with none have required me to go  “low sodium”, and for that I am completely grateful. I am not an “over salter” but I do like my foods and beverages to be nicely spiced. The low sodium V8 begged to be topped with a little pepper and garlic powder to get me through. In the future I would probably try the Spicy Hot version instead or maybe add a dash or two of Louisna Hot Sauce.

     Let me also take a moment to note that “Low Sodium” might not be an appropriate name for this V8 juice. Though it is definitely lower in sodium than the original it still far from sodium free. Sodium is not a big concern for me, but anyone who is looking at this as a sodium free option should watch out.

    With no added sugar the V8 is a healthier choice, for sure, than a high sugar “juice drink” and I would suggest it as a replacement for a fruit punch or sugar sweetened fruit juice. It is lower in calories than energy drinks and “meal replacement” shakes and might be a good choice for a low calorie snack if paired with protein to help keep the energy up. Adding a cheese stick or almonds, something with a little natural healthy fat, would help prolong the energy.

     The number one ingredient in V8 is water so a side benefit is it will help you stay hydrated. Of course a glass of pure water will do that even better and for no added calories at all.

     If you have a hard time getting enough healthy veggies in your diet, it is nice that 8 ounces of V8 juice is considered to be nutritionally equivilent to two serving of vegetables for the small 50 calories.

Note to regular readers – stepping stones will remain the same for this week 20.


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